Thursday, May 22, 2008


Dear friends,

This is the first time Im blogging.Hope this goes well.Basically this was my brother's idea to begin a blog after i told him this funny story that happened in my college NIT Bhopal.
This incident happened during my DBMS minor project when i was in the 4th semester IT. As DBMS was my subject and Oracle 9i a compulsory tool to use for database(I still don't know why it was) ,we were asked to create an innovative project (not using C or C++,another head scratcher). So our team decided to use a back end server of ASP combined with SQL. Now we had five teams in my class,and everyone had pretty much geared up for it ,except for our team. Now finally after the laid back attitude of one and a half months ,the professor finally gave us the final date of project submission. Suddenly waking up from our siesta we pulled our heads together for the completion(read:beginning) of the project...Our project was basically one of having a database of movies where people connected through the LAN could insert their IP address corresponding to a particular movie and thus they could share movies within a hostel. Now i was mainly in charge of the database part . I started feeding in data at full pace..Now the problem that arose was that I didn't know how to save the insertion after I closed the program(Eyebrow raiser..I know). But to my surprise,no one in my class knew hoe to save the SQL insertion commands.. I didn't know then(now I do) that this was one of the most basic commands any SQL users should know.Luckily I met one of my seniors who happened to tell me that the command was "COMMIT;"..My brother had a hearty laughter when he heard this..And because of this and a lot of other reasons,he pities the scenario at NIT Bhopal.