Friday, January 30, 2009

Curling up on my mom's lap!!!

In this mad,bustling crowd of frantic people and never-ending activities where every mortal gets stuck in the rut of staying at pace with the others,where everything around seems like a black hole,that inspite of everything good happening in your life and people telling me good times are coming my way..........why is it that i just feel like closing my eyes and remember the good old days when i was a kid.??The moments when i used to bruise my knee after a bicycle race on my little BSA Champ multicolored cycle...and when my mom used to put Dettol and i wailed my eyes out because it burnt...............The moments when i used to come back from school and cry to my mom because i was one of the shortest girls in my class and asked her why god forgot to give me height...and she used to hug me and tell me that big things came in small packages...and i believed her....There were times when i fought with her like mad for silly reasons....and she still forgave me...i remember my teenage years...when irritability was my only emotion..........but still she bore with me......patient and kind......never got angry because of my petty tantrums.......

All these moments flash through my memory right this phase...when people around me think that success is knocking on my door really hard (which again i think im just lucky right now,not because i was meant to get it),i dont feel like even thinking about all the materialistic achievements this month......nothing about the internship,or the basketball tournament..or even about any pretentious SGPAs....Dont want any gossip,any bitching about me,those eyes looking at me,waiting to cause harm..... those mouths that gossip about whether im even worth any internship or those wrong intentioned guys......

I can just think about going to my mom.......putting my head on her lap.....and stopping time.........

I just want things to be simple know the KISS rule (Keep it simple,stupid)....

Thursday, January 29, 2009

My basketball tournament - 23-27th Janurary,2009

Every time it so happens that i always come up with a post which is a bigger roller coaster ride than the previous post.The trip to Hoshangabad,70 kilometers from Bhopal,was the most memorable trip after Mood Indigo 2007.. But this time the number of surprises and shocks were much greater than Mood Indigo 2008,the biggest shock being that we didnt even know we were going in the first place. A few of our college guys were going to play the state level basketball open tournament.I had information about this for quite some time.Now a few hours before the trip,one of the players called me up and told me that even girls are allowed to form a team and play,as it was an open tournament.I was absolutely clueless about anything that he was talking. Firstly ,we didnt have a proper team..or atleast never had coordinated with the top five players ever before.Secondly,we didnt have a proper sporting kit to wear.And thirdly ,the whole thing was really at short notice.Imaging calling up your classmate one night telling her to be ready by morning 6 to leave for a place to play a match at such a great level without preparation. God knows what was in my mind that time that i told him ill inform about the latest decision in some time.I called off emergency and asked the girls to get collected in one of the rooms. I told them about this thing.And to my surprise,they were more than happy to hear that an opportunity like that had knocked our doors.We finally agreed ,packed our bags,had insomnia that night,and finally got prepared to leave for Hoshangabad. Now we reached the station at 9. Train fortunately was late by half an hour. So the guys bought tickets for us,and they were general tickets.But according to them,it was advisable to sit in sleeper as general seats were over crowded. We sat in the sleeper class,not long enough to be encountered by the ticket checker.He fined us with a 4000 bucks..We pleaded (i mean the guys) and i tried using my charms.But all in vain.Finally he agreed for a 1000 bucks and we paid him. We reached there at about 11.30 pm.The place was pretty much like a village,but it felt good taking a girls team from MANIT,Bhopal,where normally girls constitute only 10% of the population . Our first day was ok.We saw the fixtures and realized we didn't have any match that day,and was going to happen only the next day. I and a junior decided to return back,she because she didnt have permission to stay back at night,and me because there was a cross country race in my college i wanted to participate in. We didn't get a train,so sat in a bus filled with umpteen people. Squeezed between them ,i came back only to see that the race was postponed to the next day.Anyway i returned the next morning,had a match,lost terribly,but won the second match that evening. But you see,when you get something good,always be prepared for a package.There's nothing like a free lunch. There was a set of cheap crowd to create disturbances and all.We however dodged against them and returned safely to our lodge. Next morning we won the third match ,which put us into the finals.

That same evening ,we guys went to the banks of Narmada river,which was the most ultimate fun ever.There was something soo peaceful and serene about the waves,inspite of the dynamic flow and we guys madly splashing water at each other. We all got wet in our basketball clothes ,and,inspite of the water being freezing cold,no one had the heart to get out of the water. The third day again was interesting,it was the final match between MANIT,Bhopal and girls of Ujjain. We unfortunately lost,but i must admit,the first half was a really tough competition.We also got a trophy and a cheque of 2000 rupees. Entirely was worth it. We had a huge photo session,but had to go back because of the anti social elements i was talking about. We went to the station,only to see that there was excess crowd and we wouldnt be able to get it.We had this hugeeeee argument about whether to go or to stay back,and the result of the fight was that half of us stayed back .Next morning we hired a jeep .That was the most awesome journey we could have.We kept chatting all along.. I am really thankful to the boys team who were with us,and helped us totally throughout the journey,inspite of soo many complication.This was the first time i didnt want to come back and curl up on my bed after returning. I was rejuvenated. Truly.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

An irritating truth!!!

Do you know that all are good at something..and have some talent in you??Its sad..that all of us,including me have almost wasted,or are on the verge of wasting our talents in the next few years.. Do you know why?
PROCRASTINATION...Lack of initiative...Lack of getting yourself off your beds. .Lack of the EUREKA moment in our lives.

The only reason why BPO companies use Indians as cheap robots is because we cannot think wider than the narrow horizons that have been created for us.Right since when i was a child and used to go to school...the society (not my home ,fortunately) used to say.."Acchi tarah padhaaii karna..Badi ho kar ingineeer ,doctor banna....MBA karna..Khoob paisa kamana"

Ok the scrutiny in these sentences..
a)Seems like "Ingineer" and "Doctor" is the ultimate aim of life.Anyone doing anything else is someone who doesn't value studies.
b)It seems like everyone wants to study for money...Something like passion for your job has never been the first priority.

Why is it that we can never use our talents and just choose from the above three professions?I mean there are people who are truly meant to be engineers and doctors or managers?Why not leave it to them to decide?And isnt it an awfully big coincidence that all of us have the aptitude of becoming engineers and then managers?Isnt it ironic that half of us would have practically never "MANAGED" even a small event in our society,college or school?

I agree these it seems easy to get a job after being engineers and doctors and MBA students..
But looking at the present scenario,investment banking having razed to the ground,IT companies getting trapped in frauds and leaving around 50000 employees and their jobs in total jeopardy..

I think its time for all of us to give a hard knock on our brain doors and ask what we are truly meant to be doing?In a way the recession and total collapse of investment banking has given MBA students and engineers some break from the hoo-laa-hoo of getting job over job,and finally can sit back and wonder what they are meant to do?And do it only if they are meant to do..Its time we open our eyes and stop procrastinating and analyse ourselves,before it gets too late ..and we get succumbed in the robotic jobs foreign banks and firms have in store for us..