Saturday, December 27, 2008

MOOD-Indigo...Ride of a lifetime.

It was one whole month of a roller coaster ride...The preparations..And mind you..roller coaster is more of a scary ride than a fun,pleasant experience....I always told my friends that our scenario is just like Leonardo Di Capri o of the movie Titanic,where he was clinging on to the wooden plank,dipped in the freezing water of the ocean,struggling to gasp his few last breaths..But still he never gave up....It was exactly the same..We got a call saying we got selected in the top 8 teams of the fashion show called ADAA..Now this was huge..considering we were a technical institute...not the most fashion conscious colleges of the country...We almost didnt have anything to bank on..No college funds..No designer ...No plans formulated...All we had was confidence...!!!
And that gave a thrilling turn to the whole series of events unfolding the next month. Everything took shape in a few days..First,the auditions for the models...Second thinking the themes for the rounds..Third ,deciding of funds ...Fourth..We found a designer in a design college in Bhopal who was really good at his job..All seemed perfectly on time..perfectly in shape..Suddenly our college goes on strike...We get holidays for 15 days..And exams get postponed..Everything ruined..Exams were scheduled till the 22nd and moodi to be started from the 20th....Everything was in a perfect mess..Most of the models backed out..No idea of where funds were going to be collected..No boutique agreed to sponsor our show. And we had exams at the same time..So the few people still trying to hold the plank had also studies to finish...Now the phrase "Being in a pickle " perfectly fits.. And then day the organizer of moodi calls and says we are in the top 8 teams of the show.I didnt know whether to laugh or cry, mourn or make merry..There was a time when i was practically approaching every female in my hostel ,asking her whether she was interested to come to Mumbai..I detested the feeling of feeling like a saleswoman. We were everything...Perfect multi tasking..Right from salesmen and saleswomen,technicians,designers,magazine buyers and borrowers..thermocol beggars in the girls hostel at 12 at night,porters to lift models ourselves even without the god gift of height...Just to fill up the gap that no one wanted to.. It was really weird considering that people were actually kicking the opportunity that came till their doorstep..Or more...begged them to be grabbed...After many days of constant pressure..both from exams side as well as the fact that after getting selected we couldnt back out..things started finally taking shape..We made the count till 10 models and work began.. Then after constant pressure from the designers and managers of the show..We finally ended up going to moodi with complete dress..But zero choreography..Things finally took shape in mumbai as all we did for the first two days was to teach all the models to walk the ramp right.See i know im a last-minute person....But this was like the last second before you were going to fall off a cliff..
So finally the D day came...We started getting dressed...The music piece was getting prepared right then..Ya i know ..i told you right..Last second preparations. Anwyay we were dressed to see that other colleges were much more prepared than us..They had a lot of things...Greater investments...Better models....Greater preparations...We still were soo one was disheartened yet...The round 1 started and was not bad....Round 2 was a little disaster as the music piece got over before the entire walk was over........Overall the whole thing was not bad...Maybe if the whole exam postponing thing hadnt happened........We were sure to rock the stage..Few things I learnt..
a)Make music first...Only then focus on the garments.
b)More is less....Even the tackiest of make up doesnt show enough on stage.
c)Concentrate on choreography first and not garment detailing.
d)Accessories are the highlight of any garment..Not the garment itself..
e)In a team..One person should never be responsible for garment construction and choreography..It creates a pickle..

But entirely the experience was worth it..You know when i walked the ramp in the first round..And the bright lights and camera clicks on my face......And about 8000 to 10000 people sitting right in front of me...looking at me closely, and focussing on every detail.I just felt that the entire experience was more than worth it>.And i just felt soo proud when i walked it up.......It was a performance of a lifetime..Who knows..whether we will even try for Adaa ever again.Or will we ever even get selected again...MOODI wil come only once more in my college life.All i know was...that I FELT PROUD!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

On Cloud 9!!!

I just gave my dance performance today.It was a dance drama and consisted of almost fifteen people...And unlike my imagination......the dance was absolutely fabulous..Totally marvelous was on the causes and effects of global warming.I had become mother earth..There was a lot of drama involved..And i couldnt imagine my acting skills were not bad..There was this scene where all my children..The flowers,the trees and the rivers had got polluted..And i was looking at them..Ani loved that part..And i think i realised that on stage my acting skills much better than off stage..Anyway im waiting for the video of the dance to come to my hands..And then ill put it on youtube.. Comments will be most welcome..And the cutest but a little unfortunate part was that all my close buddies...They reached the auditorium immediately as the performance was over and make up was removed..hehee..Unfortunately they missed out on the live performance.Ill give them the video though..But im soo touched that all those people came all the way to see my dance..Infact half of them havent even finished the syllabus and the other half stayed up the whole night yesterday and finished their work...God such sweethearts they are..M proud to have such friends..Anyway will be posting my link to the video of the dance soon..Hope you'l dont hate it after reading soo much about it and then get disappointed..Cheers!!Lemmeget back to my studies now..I have computer network tomorrow ..Studied very lesss.Will have to stay up the whole night today..

PS-My mom is getting ready for the KV Malkapurram alumni meet.She will be meeting her friends after 36 years..Yes i know its huge..I hope we guys also plan a MANIT meet or a Mount Carmel Gandhinagar meet after many years..She is all geared up for it.And yeah her writing skills are on a roll nowadays..She has been into a lot of prose and poetry writing lately...Hope to see her blog soon too.Enjoy!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

How careless am I??Im really happy though........

I realised im a very careless person..........God and all these people..Amit Bhai ,Popat,Prerna and others could seriously kill me..I had gone for my dance practice at 9 in the morning...And came back at 9.30 at night..I have a small scale semi classical dance show tomorrow ..(location not you know i dont want people to come and see it...and dont want to make a nice egg-tomato dish...))anyway my cell had low battery..And so had got switched off.And i was seriously careless to inform anyone that ill be late..I was actually soo engrossed in dancing and the technical work involved with the music ..And i think i am doing quite an OK job in the dance..:Lets see how it goes.....Anyway...So when i came was 9.30 at night..Hadnt informed the warden....hadnt informed any of my friends...And luckily my dance maam and her son came to drop me to the hostel..So left my 12 -year new kinetic in her house itself..And the moment i reached outside the hostellll........Bhai was standing .....and so was urvi......And i got the scolding of my lifetime.......But im really feeling guilty.....because i destroyed my bhai's birthday...Anyway this scolding was good enough a lesson to inform my careless mind always do the following:
a)always charge your mobile phone...
b)always keep some balance in your cell..
c)repair your 12 year new kinetic........just incase i get stranded...Coz my friends thought i met with an accident or something.....
Anyway the happy part is that i felt sooooooooo speciallllll.......Seriously......i realise i have such people to care for me.....I love them sooo much..And to some extent ,i m glad this event happened......I realised how much i love my friends....All of them......

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The most beautiful gift!!

Priya Ku(maa)r-that's her name. Engineering-that's her profession. Cancer-that's her zodiac sign. Choreography-that's her hobby. And dance!!!!......that's her passion. For her life is a celebration and she sure knows how to celebrate it. Studies for her is a last minute thing, and physical regimen is a must.

Whenever a friend is in trouble, the first name that comes to mind is 'Priya". She will go to any length to solve it. She often keeps her mom busy too. The stray animals in Bhopal know they have a savior in her. She picks up the sick ones and sneaks them into her hostel, without the warden's knowledge. With her care, and help from friends, the sick animal recovers, and is placed back from where it came. She has asked me to use the KV....MAA forum to request the Mighties to adopt a sick animal each and give them a home. She is a Maa herself to these mute and cute beings.

Leadership is something that comes naturally to her. She is always in command of any situation and is called a 'Lovable Leader'

Priya is an epitome of elegance and grace,confidence and talent, innocence and cheer. She dances like a swan. If you happen to be anywhere near her college and hear the sound of several footsteps, you can be sure the lil girl is making a large group of students, double her size, dance to her (tune) every move and step. She has succeeded in converting the most shy and awkward friend into a reasonably good dancer. Every choreography of hers is a masterpiece in itself. At the age of three, she once tried to convince a dance instructor that she was seven, when the lady told us that that was the qualifying age to start dance lessons.

The enthu of people around her is to be seen to be believed. At home whenever there is a crisis, I don't know how she manages to turn up on time. The moment the crisis is over, she too is her celebration................of life.

This lil nurturer is filled with supreme confidence in herself and confidence in others. She is able to see the best in people. She has proved the saying 'great things come in small packages'.

Priya is a bundle of joy, energy and talent. You can write a never-ending book on her. She is food for thought, a balm to your soul and a smile for your lips. She reminds you of Lisa of the Simpson's fame and Sania Mirza of the Tennis fame. Keats rightly said, 'a thing of beauty, a joy forever' !!



"This is the ideal place where this should be...I love you mom..More than anything else in this whole wide world..Thanks for this beautiful gift..."