Sunday, January 2, 2011

Twas a very good day...

The first half didn't go that well because of my laziness. But second half compensated for it all.
Did a few things :
Called up the dance class. Not luck on that front yet.
Bought a cot finally.
Put curtains in my room.
Bought a lot of food stuff for the week.
Cleaned my room completely.
Got my shoes repaired.

Thats quite a lot of stuff for today.

I'm too sleepy now, so will write about my day in detail tomorrow, hopefully after getting back from office.
Monday tomorrow, I'm sure the Monday Morning Blues are going to hit me again. Need to crack it by getting up and going to the gym.

Thats all from my end for the day.

Oh before I go..
Health Tip of the Day : Fenugreek (Methi) is the best cure for hair fall. Just start having the water in which fenugreek seeds are soaked overnight. I might be buying fenugreek in a few days. Will post updates about how effective it is for my hair.