Sunday, March 1, 2009

Movie Marathon

Isn't it strange that a non movie buff like me ended up watching two movies,back to one the theater?????
I know difficult to comprehend. It was more like chance than choice. We bought tickets for the morning show in Jyoti Cineplex as it was cheap.We entered...waited for the movie Delhi 6 to start,suddenly "Slumdog millionaire" started.I was really blank for a few minutes. And as i had seen the movie earlier,i knew that it was Slumdog right from the first scene.We actually started considering getting out of the theater,but we couldn't.We were embarrassed to tell our other friends about it,and were laughing our minds off at the foolishness on our part. We finally decided we will watch Slumdog fully and then go to a cheaper Cineplex to watch Delhi 6. Because in the end we didn't want to go back telling people we didn't watch the movie we went for,and came back without watching it at all.So this is how we watched Slumdog and then Delhi 6 immediately after that in a really cheap theater.


Slumdog was as good as ever. The hindi dubbing is a real mood killer though.Also check out Pussycat Dolls cover for Jai ho.Much better than Sukhvinder's version.His voice is really irritating.

Delhi 6:Music was fabulous.Title track is nice.So is Noor,Genda Phool. Story had no meaning in it.The "monkey man" fiasco that happened in Delhi once in 2001 was the only thing the story was based on.

Today is the 1st of March.New day of a new month.New beginning. And lately i realized i wasn't spending time for myself enough. Sometimes it happens that one ends up giving too much priority to others that I forgot my own existence.I was tied down in this solid web in trying to solve a lot of complexities in my life. But you know,they say,instead of trying to invent an anti gravity pen,why not look for a pencil to write in space?

I really have to start concentrating on myself rather than others.And spend time with myself more than others.This involves a)less phone talks,b)less eating outside food ,c)caring for yourself first.

I have to start studying as well.Right now scenario is really bad.Not studying,only eating junk food.MY skin all tanned after basketball an ruined after all the erratic food and sleep habits and eating outside food all the time.And i realized that i need a mental "stick" to bash me up whenever I get out of schedule,or do something which is not good for me. So today is the new day of a new month,and i decided to refresh my brain a little and think of what i am doing.And whether this is what i want for myself.So a whole new list of monthly and weekly resolutions getting entered in my notice board.Lets hope the mental "stick" is there to bash me before things get out of hands. And my previous post about control over yourself,i must say that no matter what happens in life,or no matter how vulnerable you get...never ever lose control over yourself.