Sunday, August 17, 2008


Mood-Indigo ,popularly known as Mood-I is the biggest cultural festival in Asia. It is conducted every year during the end of December by the Indian Institute of Technology,Bombay. This year it will be my second time to this festival. Last year was marvelous,gave me the best ideas as to what to do in our college. Mood-I had a lot of group events, especially of 10-12 people.Things like group dance,UV light dance,street play,situational acting etc was a big part of the festival. This year I decided that we could go as a college group and perform at various Mood-I events. Hope to see active participation of MANITians in the formation of group that would go to Mood-I 2008. The dates have been scheduled from 20-23rd December 2008..
Hoping for a trophy!!
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