Saturday, November 1, 2008

Emotionally not too strong at times.

I think Amit is absolutely right.He always told me this right from 7th standard that im an emotionally weak person.I never admitted it ,but now i do.But i still dont agree to him totally,because i think i still am strong..ITs just sometimes emotions give way and things go haywire . Like today,I got really emotional when someone kinda tried to put me down. Infact people like that have no significance in my life.... Otherwise nice day..Dance practice went really well. And my thighs need some good amount of rest it looks like .
We had dinner at Hong Kong Chinese. Was laughing madly at Amar's jokes. And I seriously realised something.That people who you feel are the most bindaas and happy go lucky in general,are infact the most sentimental people around.The perfect example being Amar...
And I think emotions play the most vital part in a man's life.
So people should not play with them.