Thursday, February 3, 2011

Eight months and a bundle of attachments..

I felt really sad today. Extremely Sad. It all suddenly looked like it was all for the money. I admit that there was a time when I joined here where I felt that they pay me less, but eight months here and a lot of exposure to the work and responsibility really made me feel that maybe it wasn't about the money anyway. Its just been eight months in this place, and I already responsible towards the company. Now I understand why people like A.K treat this place like their baby.
Looking at so many people wanting to leave just because some other place makes me feel sad. Makes me feel why everyone is running after the money. I agree you should change your job if you think your job is not good enough. But to be honest, I quite liked my job a lot. Me, someone who loves having things in action, does not like sitting on my desk, likes dancing, managing events is saying this. There must have been something about this job that made me stick around for so long without complaining. A few days of low obviously were there, but who does not have those days?

I might have decided to move on to explore my other talents, but if anyone with a job is reading this, please remember

Do not try to look for a job that pays you more. Look for a job that gives you greater satisfaction.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Did I make a difference?

I had one of my introspection days today. I think it started because I saw someone in this company who made a big difference to the company. I'm talking about A.K. I couldn't be happier and more proud of him when a colleague of mine came and told me how much he has heard about his work in this company. I have always known A.K to be a very hard worker and he is sincere in whatever he does. Just like the Bhagvad Gita says that Duty always comes first, he is a firm believer of it. So this guy I was talking to was all praises about A.K and how he contributed a lot to the company.

Its just that at that moment when I was feeling so happy and proud of him, I kept having this recurring thought... How much did I contribute to the company? Did I make any difference in these 8 months that I was here to anyone/anything?

I know I have decided to go ahead with my plans of doing what I like to do. But I was just very thoughtful today.I think all of us, to some extent want to feel important. Want to make a difference. Want to feel valued. Its not just about the importance you might get from the people around you, but I think its essential for oneself. One needs to feel proud of themselves, and not feel like another couch potato whose being or not being did not make any difference to those around you.

I think a few things are important for the well being and constant morale boost of every individual.
Ask yourself this.

Did your presence cause impact of any sort to your company?

Honestly, I don't have an answer for myself for this question . I really want to believe that I did cause some difference to the company. I know I might not have. But I know I want to make a difference wherever I am.

No qualms, its always a new beginning.