Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Injured:Day 2!

This is my second day of the injury. And my plaster looks very decorated now. Urvi(I call her Popat,so thats what Ill be using in my blog) has used her excellent creative skills and flower making along with mickey mouse art work ..She has drawn an anklet and a pretentious slipper on my plaster which she thought would give an illusion that Im really wearing slippers on that foot(What were you thinking Popat..Lol)Anyway the day was'nt so bad as I thought.I didnt cry nor sulk because of the fact that my leg is injured and I can run around like a baby monkey. I slept half the day and ate the other half. And for the fitness fans ,let me tell you Im cutting myself some slack for a few days,excusing me all the calories till my plaster is removed. The only thing I plan to do is Pranayama in the morning . Lets see how far I go with it. Sponsorship for Ripple '08 is going to begin in full form from tomorrow.Unfortunately I cant be part of it.But Im still looking forward to doing atleast the desk jobs for Ripple.I want to contribute to Ripple as much as I can and help make it a roaring success. Urvi gave some lovely ideas about the sponsorship. She could consider marketing as a second career. By the way,for the Ripple fans ,here is the link to the website of Ripple
Enough for today,have to get started with studies for tomorrow.