Monday, December 15, 2008

On Cloud 9!!!

I just gave my dance performance today.It was a dance drama and consisted of almost fifteen people...And unlike my imagination......the dance was absolutely fabulous..Totally marvelous was on the causes and effects of global warming.I had become mother earth..There was a lot of drama involved..And i couldnt imagine my acting skills were not bad..There was this scene where all my children..The flowers,the trees and the rivers had got polluted..And i was looking at them..Ani loved that part..And i think i realised that on stage my acting skills much better than off stage..Anyway im waiting for the video of the dance to come to my hands..And then ill put it on youtube.. Comments will be most welcome..And the cutest but a little unfortunate part was that all my close buddies...They reached the auditorium immediately as the performance was over and make up was removed..hehee..Unfortunately they missed out on the live performance.Ill give them the video though..But im soo touched that all those people came all the way to see my dance..Infact half of them havent even finished the syllabus and the other half stayed up the whole night yesterday and finished their work...God such sweethearts they are..M proud to have such friends..Anyway will be posting my link to the video of the dance soon..Hope you'l dont hate it after reading soo much about it and then get disappointed..Cheers!!Lemmeget back to my studies now..I have computer network tomorrow ..Studied very lesss.Will have to stay up the whole night today..

PS-My mom is getting ready for the KV Malkapurram alumni meet.She will be meeting her friends after 36 years..Yes i know its huge..I hope we guys also plan a MANIT meet or a Mount Carmel Gandhinagar meet after many years..She is all geared up for it.And yeah her writing skills are on a roll nowadays..She has been into a lot of prose and poetry writing lately...Hope to see her blog soon too.Enjoy!!!