Saturday, September 20, 2008

CCD's Sizzling brownie ..Heaven!

Yes,these words are coming out from a health freak,someone who is health conscious and strict about what she eats.But today I decided to cut myself some slack..I and Bhai(Amit Singh) went to get my kinetic from the service station and as a thank you,i decided to treat him at CCD. We went there and ordered a sizzling brownie. It was seriously heaven on earth.I forgot all about my diet and could only focus on the feast in front of my eyes. The waiter got one large chocolate-almond brownie on a typical sizzler plate to keep it warm for a long time. And there was a big dollop of rich,creamy vanilla icecream on top of it. He came with the sizzling hot brownie and freezing cold icecream on top . And then he poured rich chocolate syrup on top till the brownie sunk into it. And when the syrup came in contact with the sizzling hot plate,it started to bubble and became hot syrup. We savoured it like crazy. The crunchy, scrumptious almond pieces in between the brownie and the hot-cold feeling in the mouth was just irresistible. We ate up the entire brownie till we could lick it clean. Thank god no one was looking at us.otherwise they really would have thought we have been starving for the past one week..Wish I never put on weight after eating these high calorie foods!!Would have savoured them for life..