Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Check this site out!Coolest ever..

Wow I just saw this site where there is this woman Patricia Moreno, who is a fitness/dance instructor and she teaches you the new way of living without the traditional retreat style of the Sages (Although personally,I even love the methodology of those sages). But for the people who find those ways boring,this is the perfect way to attain fitness,GET a HOLD OF YOUR LIFE and start a new ,fresh life ..

Time Management !!Im loving it.

I had a good day today.Touch Wood!. And I realised that the greater the pressure one has in their daily life,the better they learn to manage time . Infact I can say that my time management skills have improved a lot.
1)I study better without actually working harder.(Touch wood a million times)
2)I eat healthy
3)drink green tea every day
4)have atleast two servings of a fruit every day
5)exercise and yoga for an hour
6)get up early
7)read the newspaper thoroughly
8)ensure I drink up my daily dose of 3 litres of water.
9)Blog regularly,if not daily.
10)Make less noise
11)Have breakfast everyday,and also drink that tall glass of milk.(Woof..!!,that does require some effort))
I dont know whether it is a result of yoga which has improved my concentration,but it surely seems to be helping. I just feel soo good about it. I feel like saying Touch Wood soo many times... Anyway Im going home on this saturday, Im soo excited to meet my family and Polly,.Want to see how Polly has been doing,..And go shopping with my mom and give her like the new cool look. Anyway everyone knows this fact that my mom is a hundred times cooler than me,so probably I might need help from her,not the other way round. Anwyay its nap time for me,otherwise these achievements wont be met properly tomorrow. Take care.Happy Reading!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Who will cry when you die!

I am a big fan of self help books. Unlike people who find it boring,monotonous and holier-than-thou attitude,I truly respect these books and yearn to follow each principle like the holy books. I have read The Monk Who Sold the Ferrari by Robin Sharma and I truly felt inspired after reading it. Ive heard a lot about his third book called Who will cry when you Die? .I was going through The Sunday Times and happen to read the page of Mind Over Matter(my personal favourite in The Times ) and saw the excerpt of the book. And one of the fundamentals explained was about getting up early during the day. They say its the quality of sleep that matters over quantity. And the reasons why one should have a good night sleep and get up very early each morning is because of the following:
1)You remember events of life,in the forms of happiness ,sadness and intellect longer. Try to remember,when you were small and used to getup for school everyday,dont you think that inspite of soo many years you still remember those moments more than the moment exactly a year before ,when you were in college,struggling hard to get up from bed?
2)It makes your day longer and makes you realise how special each moment is. You must have heard youself say this often:"I didnt realise where the day just passed". Time to take a review of your sleep habits.
3)Keeps brain more alert during the day. So lesser studying and more remembering of syllabus.
4)Keeps your metabolism high. Now one might ask how. See,only when you get up early will you succeed in having the most important meal of the day: The breakfast. And this meal helps to increase metabolism in the body. So you'll live longer,will stay fit,and not get fat and not know the reason.
Keep this points in mind and please dont forget to read this self help book, who knows your views about these books might just change.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

CCD's Sizzling brownie ..Heaven!

Yes,these words are coming out from a health freak,someone who is health conscious and strict about what she eats.But today I decided to cut myself some slack..I and Bhai(Amit Singh) went to get my kinetic from the service station and as a thank you,i decided to treat him at CCD. We went there and ordered a sizzling brownie. It was seriously heaven on earth.I forgot all about my diet and could only focus on the feast in front of my eyes. The waiter got one large chocolate-almond brownie on a typical sizzler plate to keep it warm for a long time. And there was a big dollop of rich,creamy vanilla icecream on top of it. He came with the sizzling hot brownie and freezing cold icecream on top . And then he poured rich chocolate syrup on top till the brownie sunk into it. And when the syrup came in contact with the sizzling hot plate,it started to bubble and became hot syrup. We savoured it like crazy. The crunchy, scrumptious almond pieces in between the brownie and the hot-cold feeling in the mouth was just irresistible. We ate up the entire brownie till we could lick it clean. Thank god no one was looking at us.otherwise they really would have thought we have been starving for the past one week..Wish I never put on weight after eating these high calorie foods!!Would have savoured them for life..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Im really out of ideas right now.But because of the huge break ,i thought of initiating something so that i can promise myself to write blogs regularly. Hope i live upto it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I lost my cellphone..AGAIN!!!!!!

This is the second time I lost my cell. Woaaaaaaahhhhhh!So this is a note to the readers .Please mail me your numbers if you knew I had them on about the losing of the cell.I had gone to watch Rock On with my friends and I think the cell just fell down..So lets hope I get it tomorrow.Anyway Im feeling too blue to write anything more.So will write something tomorrow.Happy reading.

Monday, September 1, 2008

A mother's dream...

Every mother tells her child to fulfill the dreams that she had for herself ,but couldn't fulfill it. So many passions ,and those unfinished dreams of hers,maybe because she decided to create us and bring us to this life.She chose to give us the greatest gift of life over her dreams.Why?It is because of her that we are in this world,and because of her that we are able to read and write this blog.But in return to this greatest gift,have we thought of letting her dreams get fulfilled?Have we ever thought that our mothers might be looking back and wondering that they missed in life,and what they could do with their talents?Have we ever thought that she wants her creation,us ,to fulfill her dreams ?Its still not late.We still can fulfill her dreams,make her proud of the fact that her dreams got fulfilled,if not by her,atleast by her children,her creation.

I promise you mom that in life you will see all your dreams fulfilled.