Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween:Weird Blend!

MY first day at dance. I was being in the half sitting pose called aavdu pose for around one and a half hours.MY legs trembling. It was a lovely feeling.Reminded me of the incessant practice I used to do when i was younger. MY dance teacher Bharti Maam is an adorable doll,very encouraging. She really appreciates things. Im really happy to have found a teacher like her. I succeeded in talking to her to allow me to come for practices everyday from 6 to 7.30. mix of things happening in my life. I am feeling a little guilty of having done something which might have led to some emotional disturbances around and also some emotional development in some other places. I hope things don't end up being proved in such a way that my guilt is clearly proved right. I hope people who are a part of my college family (read:technical) dont end up doing something which might be crossing the line or something where they might be digging themselves a grave or a battle ground,or at maximum disowning. Lets hope things go well .And for the first time I hope my intuitions dont come true ,which to some extent it has..But not anymore..