Monday, June 2, 2008


As is described in the Wikipedia,Chauvinism is "Chauvinism (pronounced /ˈʃoʊvɨnɪzəm/) is extreme and unreasoning partisanship on behalf of a group to which one belongs, especially when the partisanship includes malice and hatred towards a rival group..In this existing world,the word "chauvinism" always exists with a prefix "MALE". Everywhere you go,everywhere you see..Its all male chauvinists existing in this world..Be it my college,my society or my surroundings...I cant really see anything else.. Their thoughts are anger-provoking especially when they cannot stand a woman becoming their boss or being someone more powerful than them.I don't understand why the world thinks of women as the weaker of the sexes??

A positive opinion would be that they want women to be protected and well taken care of.But seriously,any woman,let it be your wife or girlfriend,mother or sister or your best friend,ask anyone and they will tell you that for them begin treated as equal and a "TOUGHIE" gives them greater happiness than being treated like a delicate princess. Although even the treatment of "Delicate Princess" is rarely observed (pun intended).I,being a woman myself have seen a lot of things that happen when Male chauvinists are around us. They can never sit behind a woman on a two-wheeler.. Let me ask you, HOW MANY OF YOU DON'T MIND SITTING BEHIND A WOMAN ON A TWO WHEELER?
They hate women who are more powerful than them.And seriously,they hate them with a vengeance.. Every time the woman does something,the male ego bursts like a balloon.Gritting their teeth hard,they always need a reason to get back at the women who succeed in being more powerful than them..I agree women cant pick up hockey sticks and start physically bashing up people, or they cant even be very tough at fighting, but why pick up fights with them just for one's personal grudges of power-play?

I don't say all men are chauvinists,but the ones who are ,are very staunch about it.And thats makes things difficult for people around.Personally,Ive been around a lot of good men and I really find them fun-loving and fun to talk to. I just wish all of them could get this chauvinistic attitude and male ego out of their minds,that would make it a better place for them to live as well.

Men who know they are chauvinists must remember that a woman cant do the things mentioned above, but that doesn't make a woman any weaker. And this world would be a better place for both sexes to live in peacefully if chauvinism from both sides (read:men) ends..I don't think people like me would ever post blogs like this then...