Thursday, August 21, 2008

Injured :Day 3!

I'm really missing home .Just talked to my mom and brother. Things seem soo cute and cozy at home. I miss their presence. I miss drinking coffee with them during evenings when the setting sun rays used to enter the windows of my house in front of the dining table.I miss gossiping with them about anything and everything while sipping the hot tasty coffee my mom makes. I miss Polly(my pet) jumping at me whenever she heard the slightest crisp of Marie biscuit (her favorite ,by the way) and she used to get it.I miss my mom's laughter at those politically incorrect jokes( which are really funny) that my brother cracks. I miss Polly's bark at those little kids who play cricket outside our house,and used to snatch their ball and play with it whenever it entered my lawn. I miss my dad who pampers me like no one can ever do.I miss Goli(my sister) who I love talking to ..because she is such a fun person who has so many interesting facts to talk about.I miss my brother Pratham making fun of Goli and the way she gets offended .I miss home. But lucky I have Popat here in my hostel,in my room,who is almost a substitute to my family.But remember Popat is mad,hateli,but still a sweetheart. Anyway the worst part is that I'm not able to contribute properly for Ripple this time.Everyone in my batch is going for sponsorship and I'm not getting an opportunity to be a part of it. And people come back and look at me with sympathy...and I've started hating it now. I am constantly reminded of the fact that I have a plastered leg which is not going to be removed for the next 15-20 days. I miss doing those things that I used to do when I was all fine and active. But look at me..We humans are never happy with what we have. I just have an injured leg which will be repaired in a few days and I'm crying over it,and I think of the people who become physically handicapped during accidents,who take life as it comes,happily. I think Im just being an ordinary mortal....a greedy mortal!!