Sunday, May 31, 2009

Detox Diet!

New thumb rule!!

When I feast on heavy,oily or junk dinner..the next entire day should be a detox diet.Which means giving total rest to your stomach to restart . Not eating carbs,having fruits,four glasses of lemon water, and everything light on the stomach.

Apparently,they say,it helps the skin to sparkle if done regularly.
PS-Dont worry.A day of absence from normal food doesnt mean Im getting anorexic.Just means my digestive system needs a day to restart.

My first pay cheque!!

I got my first pay treats,Im planning in saving it,buying things for my family,and using a little to invest on shares.Yeah,Im going to try my luck at the stock market. Not to earn as such,mainly to learn how the stock market works.

Btw,there is a random Wi-Fi that works from my apartment.I love it!!!:):)