Sunday, September 21, 2008

Who will cry when you die!

I am a big fan of self help books. Unlike people who find it boring,monotonous and holier-than-thou attitude,I truly respect these books and yearn to follow each principle like the holy books. I have read The Monk Who Sold the Ferrari by Robin Sharma and I truly felt inspired after reading it. Ive heard a lot about his third book called Who will cry when you Die? .I was going through The Sunday Times and happen to read the page of Mind Over Matter(my personal favourite in The Times ) and saw the excerpt of the book. And one of the fundamentals explained was about getting up early during the day. They say its the quality of sleep that matters over quantity. And the reasons why one should have a good night sleep and get up very early each morning is because of the following:
1)You remember events of life,in the forms of happiness ,sadness and intellect longer. Try to remember,when you were small and used to getup for school everyday,dont you think that inspite of soo many years you still remember those moments more than the moment exactly a year before ,when you were in college,struggling hard to get up from bed?
2)It makes your day longer and makes you realise how special each moment is. You must have heard youself say this often:"I didnt realise where the day just passed". Time to take a review of your sleep habits.
3)Keeps brain more alert during the day. So lesser studying and more remembering of syllabus.
4)Keeps your metabolism high. Now one might ask how. See,only when you get up early will you succeed in having the most important meal of the day: The breakfast. And this meal helps to increase metabolism in the body. So you'll live longer,will stay fit,and not get fat and not know the reason.
Keep this points in mind and please dont forget to read this self help book, who knows your views about these books might just change.