Monday, July 28, 2008

Happiness comes in large packages!!!

Its been a lot of days since I blogged..I actually had a lot of things in mind but couldn't get the time to put it on pen and paper. Or maybe because I was busy thanking god and counting laurels. Also the ambiguity of whether to write down things that made me happy (considering I shouldn't jinx it) left me with a few days before I realised I couldn't stop myself and share with you. Normally I (like most mortals of this world) have always felt that luck favors the world but me (pessimist ..I know). But lately I have started feeling different these days. Maybe it is my pessimistic attitude diminishing or that luck has given its share to me . Also considering the option that this semester is lucky for me (I hope you get how much I deduce things..)..

Many things have been happening that made me believe in the fact that things can be going well for a lot of people without even realizing.

a)I ruined my digital camera completely,scratches all over and the lens went out of focus.I really surrendered thinking Ill have to buy a new camera. And just look at my luck .I ended up getting an absolutely new camera for free.Apparently the camera was under warranty and repairing it would have been costlier than getting a new one.I couldn't have been happier.Seriously.

b)Me and my roomies got an AIRTEL internet connection and a 5 port switch. Now it seems we bought a very low quality switch which people said works like a hub (god knows how such a thing is possible however cheap a switch is..). We did every possible thing to get three laptops connected to one airtel connection....Considering we are not such experts in connection ,we called upon a technician to help us.And turns out we knew more than him.Then one night me and Urvi (the cutest roomie anyone could ever have..) sat and started experimenting with the settings .We were determined to start the connection that day itself. And Lo!!! Persistence paid.. Oh by the way,which is another philosophy I truly believe in. Everything started working that day. You might not realized the extent of my happiness ,but live in a room for two years with a laptop but no connection and you'll realize. Except for cut wires and LAN clips scattered in my room ,my happiness knew no bounds.

c)Me and my batch decided to go for a trip to Sanchi and Raisen fort in Bhopal,India (Hello.. which again was decided after we thought of big plans which got canceled ). Now one day before the trip date was decided ,I and Indu (another cutie pie of my batch) drove my twelve year old kinetic till old Bhopal (which is one of the toughest bumper car races one can have) and finally reached the travel agent.Talking to him we got the bad news that the RTO office was closed that day and the buses needed a permit to go to any of these tourist destinations. I was really really disappointed considering that I had made up my mind to mange this trip well and make it a success. Now here the convincing part played an important role. We asked the agent to do anything he could to get us the bus for the next day .After like millions of years of convincing he finally said he was prepared to take the risk . And Lo .!! again our work was done. Now the next task was to contact resort to get buffet system ready for the girls. Wait the job is not done yet !! No one in my college seemed to be having the phone number of the resort where we needed food from. Now technology swooped its way into its importance this time. Unexpectedly the phone number of that resort was available on the internet (don't raise eyebrows because it wasn't such a famous resort )..Talks were done and everything was perfectly planned . And for the record,the trip was fabulous..It couldn't have been better. Oh ya not to forget mentioning, there were a few stalkers in Raisen fort who got a really good verbal thrashing from us thirty six girls...It was like a nice release of emotions.Felt really good btw.. (ya ya I know that you must be thinking what a feminist I am..Well I'm proud of it).

d)We played housie (or tambola as some call it) during the trip.. Now my luck in games is like a donkey's luck in singing . And I won two prizes during the game.Me ,Indu and Nupur were in one team. It was so good.Seriously.

e)My mobile phone got soaked in a polythene bag where I had kept it from protection incase it rained .What I didn't see was whether the polythene was dry or not .And to my luck it wasn't .(Lol ..look at the irony)..My phone was soaked in about 50 ml of water for four hours and I had no clue about it.And after I came home and saw a thick layer of moisture on my screen ..I knew it was time to buy a new cellphone)..I dried the phone besides my laptop exhaust hoping that it might just start, and fate startled me by getting the phone started..Good news ,I don't have to buy a new phone now. Bad news ,Oh yes I don't have a camera mobile,my cellphone costs Rs.2800 and I'm really proud of it.I don't plan to change it till it cracks into two pieces or water succeeds in making its way again and choking it!!!

And now I suddenly realized that there were so many things that made me happy, and most of it might be insignificant to you . But these little things made me realize that luck can favor us in small ways without making us realize. And trust me,if you start keeping count of how many things made you happy in a day (with a positive mind, of course) you'll realize you are the luckiest person in the whole world!!!!