Sunday, October 31, 2010

Need to get really organised!

I feel utterly stupid right now.
Trigger : I have to leave home for Ahmedabad in a few days. So to save a few bucks on the ticket, I decided Ill take a cheap flight from Bangalore to Mumbai and then take a train to Ahmedabad. Turned out I did not leave enough buffer time to reach the station. Worse was to come, people at home found out about this stupid plan, gave me a nice thrashing for taking such stupid decisions, and booked another flight for Ahmedabad (because the flight till Mumbai was refundable). So in the end, I ended up paying more than what I would have if i would ahve booked a ticket from Bangalore to Ahmedabad directly, go a scolding, felt utterly stupid AND I have to wait at the Mumbai airport for 5 hours to catch the next flight.

CONCLUSION : Penny wise, pound foolish

I realised that this was all because of lack of being organised. So inspired by Lavinor Online,
There was a time when I used to think the above blog was my blog twin, but now I realised
that I need to learn a lot from him.

I decided to start making a checklist of things that I need to finish. Its not just about being organised, but also about deciding a few things to do to get my life under control.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lets cook, shall we?

My new interests, cooking. Just that its healthy, and it aids my fitness.

Let there be light!

Feel liberated.
Feel proud of yourself.
Feel independent.
Let it all sink in.
Get up and get going.
Nothing to stop you.
I know you can do it.
And you will.