Thursday, November 12, 2009

Little things I like

I like touching dogs' wet noses. And keep touching them .

I like fiddling with the remains in my plate at the end. If it is a vegetable piece , I could use a fork to cut it into a million minuscule pieces.

I like describing an action using sounds. This Ive taken from my mom. When a lizard falls on the floor, she says " The lizard fell.. "Pattth".

I like to look at myself in front of the mirror immediately after Ive cried. I get so engrossed in looking how red my eyes have become that I forget that I was crying.

I hardly cry in romantic movies. But I cry in every dog movie. I cried like crazy when I saw 101 Dalmatians . When they thought the last pup Lucky died,but suddenly it moved its arms, yawning like the most beautiful thing in the world. And lo... the water tank began!

Oh yeah, that reminds me. I like crying. I cry a lot. And a lot. Its lets my grief come out and make me come back to normal.

I like to smell. I smell a lot. I smell petrol , pickle bottles, washed clothes, my hand when there is lotion on it.My olfactory sense is the strongest.

I never like to visualize the end. If i see it, that means Ive lost it. Like when i run a 100 meter race, I never ever imagine holding the trophy. That means Ive just lost it.

I like eating Dairy milk and keeping a piece on my upper palette without chewing it. I wait for it to melt.

I like catching mosquitoes in my hand tight enough to fracture their limbs, but loose enough for them not to get squished in my hand.

Its strange that whenever I end up sleeping more during exams and dont finish a particular topic, that topic either does not come or I can leave it choosing another option I know. And when I dont sleep, it seems like this voice inside already knew the paper and used its discretion to wake me up early in the morning. I can feel it.

I read reading Prevention magazine.

I like mimicking Bubbles's voice (Powerpuff Girls). I like her the most amongst all the sisters.

I like taking quizzes about self help.

I like believing in astrology and feel that I AM truly a cancerian.

I like listening to the sound of flowing water. Whenever I go to a beach, I just listen quietly.

I like singing the Carnatic Music of Bharatanatyam while doing my daily chores.

I like to synchronize my breath with the running steps I take while practicing for basketball.It makes me forget that Im tired.

I like going by the color therapy. Thats why there is red wallpaper in my room.

I like being weird.

The rains are making our hostel pups crazy!

Its pouring heavily in Bhopal. Effects of Cyclone Phyan hitting the northern regions of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Part of the winds coming towards Bhopal and the nearby areas. Elizabeth,our hostel dog and her babies were almost wet when it started raining at night, we went to check whether she was fine. Someone had covered her house (a table) up with used raincoats and cardboard sloping so that the rain water could trickle down . I slept then, couldnt sleep properly though. When i got up, i went to see her.She was all wet,the cardboard under her was damp, the pups were shoving themselves under her, she was shivering and looking at me with those hopeful,innocent eyes. Urshila ,Ritika and me then lifted the pups up and put them in a basket. I could see tension lines on Elizabeth's head. She was probably worried where Im packing her pups away. We then took the following materials and constructed a new house for her:
b)Flour Bags
c)A Table

We took these things and made a house for her and her pups. She entered inside and couped herself up in the corner with the maximum amount of sacks. The pups jumped towards her and felt warm and cozy. I felt at peace.

I think ill be able to sleep nicely .:):)

PS: Oh yeah, i forgot to mention.. All the pups have finally opened their eyes. They are those big,black,twinkly,i-love-you eyes.