Saturday, September 11, 2010

The journey so far...

So , after yet another long sabbatical from blogging, I'm finally charged up, ready to start blogging again.

So, few of the random attempts and resolutions taken during the first three months at Bangalore.

- Get thinner, jog for at least half an hour everyday in the gym below my building.
- Don't drink coffee at office, especially when you get stressed and have deadlines to meet.
- Don't get annoyed with people unnecessarily , especially when you know they care about you. and you know they care a lot about you.
- Speak yourself out, you know you need to speak up.
- Just realized that dates , and when I say dates, I mean the fruit (no pun intended) is very good for health
- Do one new thing every month, the assignment called "pet project of the month" by "Juna" .. Beginning with learning to solve the Rubik's cube this month.
- Smile, smile more when you are stressed. You know you cant beat the stress, so enjoy it.

So, its been a pretty awesome journey so far. Three months, seems like a lifetime. And I'm loving it.

Its a scary world , but its still comforting.