Monday, October 31, 2011

The Dance of Anger


I'm getting a car. Thought of a two wheeler but no one in my house seems to be agreeable for it.

I have grown really thin suddenly. I'm trying to gain weight now.

I am reading this awesome book called The Dance of Anger and it talks about why women are angry and moody at most times. The primary reason for it is the fact that we are overfunctioners. We do so much for others that we have nothing left for ourselves. And then we get all angry. Because we don't get it back at the same rate as we give it. (especially men) . Now that again is not men's fault to be honest. The reason they underfunction is because you overfunction. And the reason you overfunction is because the man underfunctions. Its not important who started the dis balance in the first place. Whats important is how to prevent it.

The best way to prevent this life's drama is to stop overfunctioning for just a little bit. I know as women we generally have the tendency to make others happy, especially our men, go out of the way , sacrifice all our personal priorities and keep them as the most pampered people in the world. We might just so think that our sacrifice is taken with gratitude, but in reality the other person underfuctions. Its almost like you are doing the work for both. So stop complaining about your man being a jerk, start changing yourselves. You'll see the change in him as well.

The key in dealing with men is to stop trying too hard. Infact don't just try. Learn to function much much less than you normally would. And that will be the real key to a happy relationship.

So for all the women out there,
Dont try too hard and you'll be happy!!!