Friday, August 8, 2008

08/08/08 True meaning of a Guru!

Exhausted,tired from the college classes but still rejuvenated. I has promised to write about feminism,resolutions etc ,but I have to share this one with you. I just came back from a guest lecture in my college society named IBC conducted by a faculty named Ms.Somi Jacob. And I can assure you,she is the best thing that could have ever happened to our society. It was a one hour lecture on Group discussion for interviews and placements in MBA. It was supposed to start at 4.30pm ,but due to the Indian Standard Time instilled in students, it started by 4.45pm. And those one and a half hours were the most enlightening moments of my entire life.It was the first time I didn't lose focus nor get distracted even for a moment. She began explaining what GD is all about. We had been given hand-outs to be referred to. It contained the bullet points of the lecture. She explained the most common mistakes that one tends to do during a GD (which I plan to put up in points in my post someday just like she did). With the perfect blend of humor,knowledge and application ,she totally had all the ears and mind for her. She was truly awesome. I can proudly say that,for the first time in my entire life,I've understood who a good teacher is.She defined the meaning of a good teacher,of a guru,who imparts knowledge to students,to the extent of enlightening them .The 45 minute lecture was then succeeded by a mock GD just to test our skills in GD.She became the evaluator and gave us a topic which left mouths open (literally). The topic that she gave was "HUMPTY DUMPTY SAT ON A WALL"(I know your mouth is left open too). She gave us two minutes to start. We all came up with the crappiest of stories and points which were meaningless(some insightful I must say). The GD lasted for about ten minutes. After evaluating us on the Gd,we called the IBC members on stage an d gave her a token of thanks by giving her a Cafe Coffee Day cup and saucer. 08/08/08 is going to be a very memorable day ..Because she defined the meaning of a true teacher,a guru.

Coming UP!!

Its been days since Ive blogged. And this time Im going to resolve to write daily..Even if it is the smallest of things. I just had some ideas in mind which i had to put down on pen and paper,most of all that were from a feminist's point of view.I hate to be authoritative and extremist in my views about feminism,but if the world works the other way round,why cant I do the same and bring it back to square 1?(Hope you get me ,.negative*negative makes positive). So Ill be coming up with a few blogs about feminism,some reviews of my friend's blogs (even criticisms maybe) and a few health tips for a fitter you(for women ,by the way). So keep blogging ,and do read my posts. Enjoy!!!

PS-I might also come up with a few resolutions to fulfill by the end of the year (or life's resolutions)...(This is psychology that if you announce to the world,it becomes a matter of self esteem to fulfill it.)