Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Whats the deal with the word "Opportunist"?

So I have been called an opportunist a few times in the past. To be honest, I have never taken it as a negative thing.

The weirdest thing is where it develops from. So I agree I am extremely bad at keeping in touch. And that is something I'm wanting to change. But somehow, people link that to me using opportunity (which I have never figured out how).

The reason why I got this thing in my head is because I just saw some Facebook article where people are calling Steve Jobs an "opportunist". I mean, Common people, spare at least someone in this world that tag and respect them for what they have done. Its all about capitalism people. There is no harm if he creates brilliant designs and sells it to the market for such a high price. People are free not to buy Apple if they don't like. But they do. Because the design is the key. And people pay a price for that. For those who don't like Apple, that's fine because no one is forcing them to buy an Apple anyway.

To be honest, its fine what they think. I mean, everyone in this world has the freedom to have an opinion. I got affected by it once and thought I'll change myself . But then I didn't know what exactly is it that I should change about myself?

I introspected and realized that I am going to be the same. People say I can do anything to "climb the ladder of success", which cracks me up sometimes because the only really successful thing I have done in my life is the day I decided to give my passion a chance. And yes, my family and friends in Bangalore had a big role to play in encouraging me for it. Had it not been for OT, I wouldn't have gone ahead with this. If you call this taking advantage of an opportunity, then Hell yeah.. I would always do that.

So its very important for me to exercise everyday, eat healthily, sleep on time , get up early. Now people think of that as being selfish. Of course I am. And I will always continue to be, because its really important to me. I know the people who respect me for keeping that. I know OT respects the fact. And those are the people who really matter.

Yes, so that's me. Its very important for me to spend time with OT, to exercise, to eat well, not to skip my dance classes, prefer sleep over night outs. Call me selfish, but its about my priorities.

In the end, there is a point where you realize you might try to make everyone happy, but people will still not be happy . So might as well make your priorities happy.