Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Im back home..everything is in a mess..right from exams to moodi preparation to my solo classical dance learning.I dont know what to do..Seriously.Its soo sickening to look around and see that sometimes we just dont get justice.IS justice soo difficult that a common man can't get it?Is it soo impossible that even after losing a college mate ,justice doesnt arrive to him?and because of all this.. everything around is in jeopardy.

Let Rahul Pathak's soul rest in peace.
God Bless

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I cant believe it just happened!!

My hands are even trembling to write this post.But im just too excited and have to tell you'll about it..OK..Remember i always used to tell you all that there is something about Mohit Chauhan's Voice??SOmething about every song he sang,right from boondein to dooba dooba to khoon chala to tum se hi(my all time favourite) to kuch khaas.........Guess What??????????????????

I just talked to Mohit Chauhan on the phoneee.....

Godd....It was unbelievable .Basically,our senior Ozzy and his band called Pintight was to perform in Indore today ,the 9th November along with Mohit Chauhan.And all these guys Ashir,varun and obviously the band is sitting in indore right now. And even ashir knows howw mad i am for mohit chauhan. So ashir asked mohit chauhan to give an autograph specially for me..Then ashir called me ..He said that he had been talking to mohit all day...AAH!!God how stupid was I not to go to Indore,,exams and all.GOD!!!Anyway he asked me whether he wanted me to talk to mohit or not......I was soo nervous at first.But till then ashir hung up saying the show is about to begin,so mohit wont be able to talk right now..So he will talk later..I was really disheartened.But he called again after a minute and asked me to run to a place of good connectivity,BECAUSE THE NEXT FEW MINUTES WERE GOING TO BE MY DREAM COME TRUE..I ran outside.......It was 9.41 pm sharp..And suddenly a familiar voice said something from the other side..He said "Hello Priya"......And my heart just new no bounds.. It was the same voice that i heard 24*7 ..Everytime i heard a song was mostly of mohit chauhan's. And the same voice was actually talking to me..I was just soooo nervous.....I mean.....It was MOHIT CHAUHAN i was talking to..>I started stammering and asked whether this is "MOHIT CHAUHAN".>ANd he said "Ya this is mohit speaking".....

Then he asked me "Ive heard you are studying for your exams .."
My heart fluttered even more "Ya.YOu have no idea what a big fan i am of your songs...right from dooba to kuch khaas,Ive never missed a single song of yours"
And he went "Really.....Oh thank you so much.Im glad you like my songs so much ."
ANd i just went on screaming without letting him talk.I mean..Normally when im really nervous and happy at the same time,i try to hide it by talking more and more.
Unfortunately he had his show starting and he had to leave .
So he said "Hey Priya,ill talk to you later.My show is about to begin,but anyway all the best for your exams"...
I seriously felt like telling him i love him.But i thought it would look like a total mad fan(which i didnt want myself to be potrayed as,but ended up doing the same).
I wished him good luck for the show,..And that was the end of this fabulous experience.
I was literally jumping in the courtyard for five minutes,not able to believe i talked to my favourite singer,someone whom i always said has something in his voice.....which i am truly in love with.

I wish i could have got to talk to him more...and listen to the same voice....That i hear all the time..

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A fresh new start!!

ok! a week for my exams...exactly 7 days....I really don't want to ruin my pointer because of extra curricular activities..And you know what??I was just remembering my school days..when i was in the 9th standard..That time i was a really studious person..And i was kinda sure that if i was the same till the end of 12th,i would have made it to the IITs..Lol..... Anyway i think i should get serious with studies..Lets hope this entire week of preparations go well.MY caffeine intake might increase because of the amount to study, which would be directly proportional to the amount of coffee that would enter my stomach......
Anyway im feeling really weird today........I think i need to meditate ......ok thats abt it for today..nothing speciall.......just being stressed with work..its a lot of work these days...not getting time for myself...but no time for that now..need to study.....Wish me luck,,so that i dont destroy my pointer....And so that people dont get an excuse to tell me that because of my participation in extra curricular activities ,my performance in academics has gone down......Btw also missing my Gandhinagar friends....A lot................

Sunday, November 2, 2008

On an emotional high!!

God..im really feeling emotional right now.We guys had our 'Roobaroo' meeting today for the final selection of models for Adaa(the fashion show).After all that was done,we decided to go out to new market in the little hope for sponsors who could fund our garments for adaa..........I,Animesh,Akanksha ,Era and Monica had gone to new market. GT reached Bhopal and joined us. We went to two shops but efforts in vain. The later part was the best..We were going around in the market,laughing like total maniacs,And joined by Ashir,things got even funnier.WE saw this toy man selling that fake nose and specs where when we blow ,the moustache rises up and makes that noise.I bought it..And my godddd....after that i wore it throughout new market and making those noises..People really thought i was crazy>.It was just perfect..So beautiful ...Allof us together...The bond created between us.. It was soo touching to see such close friendship.such purity...Amidst all the laughter i had a little tear in my eye thinking of how pure can a moment be..How perfect..I was suddenly thinking how much will i cry when ill leave this college.Now im so attached to my college mates that i just dont feel like getting out of bhopal..And to the people who are not satisfied with bhopal,lemme tell u...i wouldnt have found my friends in my college,the sweetest hearts in this world..had it not been for bhopal..........Today was just perfect..Im touched.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Emotionally not too strong at times.

I think Amit is absolutely right.He always told me this right from 7th standard that im an emotionally weak person.I never admitted it ,but now i do.But i still dont agree to him totally,because i think i still am strong..ITs just sometimes emotions give way and things go haywire . Like today,I got really emotional when someone kinda tried to put me down. Infact people like that have no significance in my life.... Otherwise nice day..Dance practice went really well. And my thighs need some good amount of rest it looks like .
We had dinner at Hong Kong Chinese. Was laughing madly at Amar's jokes. And I seriously realised something.That people who you feel are the most bindaas and happy go lucky in general,are infact the most sentimental people around.The perfect example being Amar...
And I think emotions play the most vital part in a man's life.
So people should not play with them.