Saturday, December 27, 2008

MOOD-Indigo...Ride of a lifetime.

It was one whole month of a roller coaster ride...The preparations..And mind you..roller coaster is more of a scary ride than a fun,pleasant experience....I always told my friends that our scenario is just like Leonardo Di Capri o of the movie Titanic,where he was clinging on to the wooden plank,dipped in the freezing water of the ocean,struggling to gasp his few last breaths..But still he never gave up....It was exactly the same..We got a call saying we got selected in the top 8 teams of the fashion show called ADAA..Now this was huge..considering we were a technical institute...not the most fashion conscious colleges of the country...We almost didnt have anything to bank on..No college funds..No designer ...No plans formulated...All we had was confidence...!!!
And that gave a thrilling turn to the whole series of events unfolding the next month. Everything took shape in a few days..First,the auditions for the models...Second thinking the themes for the rounds..Third ,deciding of funds ...Fourth..We found a designer in a design college in Bhopal who was really good at his job..All seemed perfectly on time..perfectly in shape..Suddenly our college goes on strike...We get holidays for 15 days..And exams get postponed..Everything ruined..Exams were scheduled till the 22nd and moodi to be started from the 20th....Everything was in a perfect mess..Most of the models backed out..No idea of where funds were going to be collected..No boutique agreed to sponsor our show. And we had exams at the same time..So the few people still trying to hold the plank had also studies to finish...Now the phrase "Being in a pickle " perfectly fits.. And then day the organizer of moodi calls and says we are in the top 8 teams of the show.I didnt know whether to laugh or cry, mourn or make merry..There was a time when i was practically approaching every female in my hostel ,asking her whether she was interested to come to Mumbai..I detested the feeling of feeling like a saleswoman. We were everything...Perfect multi tasking..Right from salesmen and saleswomen,technicians,designers,magazine buyers and borrowers..thermocol beggars in the girls hostel at 12 at night,porters to lift models ourselves even without the god gift of height...Just to fill up the gap that no one wanted to.. It was really weird considering that people were actually kicking the opportunity that came till their doorstep..Or more...begged them to be grabbed...After many days of constant pressure..both from exams side as well as the fact that after getting selected we couldnt back out..things started finally taking shape..We made the count till 10 models and work began.. Then after constant pressure from the designers and managers of the show..We finally ended up going to moodi with complete dress..But zero choreography..Things finally took shape in mumbai as all we did for the first two days was to teach all the models to walk the ramp right.See i know im a last-minute person....But this was like the last second before you were going to fall off a cliff..
So finally the D day came...We started getting dressed...The music piece was getting prepared right then..Ya i know ..i told you right..Last second preparations. Anwyay we were dressed to see that other colleges were much more prepared than us..They had a lot of things...Greater investments...Better models....Greater preparations...We still were soo one was disheartened yet...The round 1 started and was not bad....Round 2 was a little disaster as the music piece got over before the entire walk was over........Overall the whole thing was not bad...Maybe if the whole exam postponing thing hadnt happened........We were sure to rock the stage..Few things I learnt..
a)Make music first...Only then focus on the garments.
b)More is less....Even the tackiest of make up doesnt show enough on stage.
c)Concentrate on choreography first and not garment detailing.
d)Accessories are the highlight of any garment..Not the garment itself..
e)In a team..One person should never be responsible for garment construction and choreography..It creates a pickle..

But entirely the experience was worth it..You know when i walked the ramp in the first round..And the bright lights and camera clicks on my face......And about 8000 to 10000 people sitting right in front of me...looking at me closely, and focussing on every detail.I just felt that the entire experience was more than worth it>.And i just felt soo proud when i walked it up.......It was a performance of a lifetime..Who knows..whether we will even try for Adaa ever again.Or will we ever even get selected again...MOODI wil come only once more in my college life.All i know was...that I FELT PROUD!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

On Cloud 9!!!

I just gave my dance performance today.It was a dance drama and consisted of almost fifteen people...And unlike my imagination......the dance was absolutely fabulous..Totally marvelous was on the causes and effects of global warming.I had become mother earth..There was a lot of drama involved..And i couldnt imagine my acting skills were not bad..There was this scene where all my children..The flowers,the trees and the rivers had got polluted..And i was looking at them..Ani loved that part..And i think i realised that on stage my acting skills much better than off stage..Anyway im waiting for the video of the dance to come to my hands..And then ill put it on youtube.. Comments will be most welcome..And the cutest but a little unfortunate part was that all my close buddies...They reached the auditorium immediately as the performance was over and make up was removed..hehee..Unfortunately they missed out on the live performance.Ill give them the video though..But im soo touched that all those people came all the way to see my dance..Infact half of them havent even finished the syllabus and the other half stayed up the whole night yesterday and finished their work...God such sweethearts they are..M proud to have such friends..Anyway will be posting my link to the video of the dance soon..Hope you'l dont hate it after reading soo much about it and then get disappointed..Cheers!!Lemmeget back to my studies now..I have computer network tomorrow ..Studied very lesss.Will have to stay up the whole night today..

PS-My mom is getting ready for the KV Malkapurram alumni meet.She will be meeting her friends after 36 years..Yes i know its huge..I hope we guys also plan a MANIT meet or a Mount Carmel Gandhinagar meet after many years..She is all geared up for it.And yeah her writing skills are on a roll nowadays..She has been into a lot of prose and poetry writing lately...Hope to see her blog soon too.Enjoy!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

How careless am I??Im really happy though........

I realised im a very careless person..........God and all these people..Amit Bhai ,Popat,Prerna and others could seriously kill me..I had gone for my dance practice at 9 in the morning...And came back at 9.30 at night..I have a small scale semi classical dance show tomorrow ..(location not you know i dont want people to come and see it...and dont want to make a nice egg-tomato dish...))anyway my cell had low battery..And so had got switched off.And i was seriously careless to inform anyone that ill be late..I was actually soo engrossed in dancing and the technical work involved with the music ..And i think i am doing quite an OK job in the dance..:Lets see how it goes.....Anyway...So when i came was 9.30 at night..Hadnt informed the warden....hadnt informed any of my friends...And luckily my dance maam and her son came to drop me to the hostel..So left my 12 -year new kinetic in her house itself..And the moment i reached outside the hostellll........Bhai was standing .....and so was urvi......And i got the scolding of my lifetime.......But im really feeling guilty.....because i destroyed my bhai's birthday...Anyway this scolding was good enough a lesson to inform my careless mind always do the following:
a)always charge your mobile phone...
b)always keep some balance in your cell..
c)repair your 12 year new kinetic........just incase i get stranded...Coz my friends thought i met with an accident or something.....
Anyway the happy part is that i felt sooooooooo speciallllll.......Seriously......i realise i have such people to care for me.....I love them sooo much..And to some extent ,i m glad this event happened......I realised how much i love my friends....All of them......

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The most beautiful gift!!

Priya Ku(maa)r-that's her name. Engineering-that's her profession. Cancer-that's her zodiac sign. Choreography-that's her hobby. And dance!!!!......that's her passion. For her life is a celebration and she sure knows how to celebrate it. Studies for her is a last minute thing, and physical regimen is a must.

Whenever a friend is in trouble, the first name that comes to mind is 'Priya". She will go to any length to solve it. She often keeps her mom busy too. The stray animals in Bhopal know they have a savior in her. She picks up the sick ones and sneaks them into her hostel, without the warden's knowledge. With her care, and help from friends, the sick animal recovers, and is placed back from where it came. She has asked me to use the KV....MAA forum to request the Mighties to adopt a sick animal each and give them a home. She is a Maa herself to these mute and cute beings.

Leadership is something that comes naturally to her. She is always in command of any situation and is called a 'Lovable Leader'

Priya is an epitome of elegance and grace,confidence and talent, innocence and cheer. She dances like a swan. If you happen to be anywhere near her college and hear the sound of several footsteps, you can be sure the lil girl is making a large group of students, double her size, dance to her (tune) every move and step. She has succeeded in converting the most shy and awkward friend into a reasonably good dancer. Every choreography of hers is a masterpiece in itself. At the age of three, she once tried to convince a dance instructor that she was seven, when the lady told us that that was the qualifying age to start dance lessons.

The enthu of people around her is to be seen to be believed. At home whenever there is a crisis, I don't know how she manages to turn up on time. The moment the crisis is over, she too is her celebration................of life.

This lil nurturer is filled with supreme confidence in herself and confidence in others. She is able to see the best in people. She has proved the saying 'great things come in small packages'.

Priya is a bundle of joy, energy and talent. You can write a never-ending book on her. She is food for thought, a balm to your soul and a smile for your lips. She reminds you of Lisa of the Simpson's fame and Sania Mirza of the Tennis fame. Keats rightly said, 'a thing of beauty, a joy forever' !!



"This is the ideal place where this should be...I love you mom..More than anything else in this whole wide world..Thanks for this beautiful gift..."

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Im back home..everything is in a mess..right from exams to moodi preparation to my solo classical dance learning.I dont know what to do..Seriously.Its soo sickening to look around and see that sometimes we just dont get justice.IS justice soo difficult that a common man can't get it?Is it soo impossible that even after losing a college mate ,justice doesnt arrive to him?and because of all this.. everything around is in jeopardy.

Let Rahul Pathak's soul rest in peace.
God Bless

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I cant believe it just happened!!

My hands are even trembling to write this post.But im just too excited and have to tell you'll about it..OK..Remember i always used to tell you all that there is something about Mohit Chauhan's Voice??SOmething about every song he sang,right from boondein to dooba dooba to khoon chala to tum se hi(my all time favourite) to kuch khaas.........Guess What??????????????????

I just talked to Mohit Chauhan on the phoneee.....

Godd....It was unbelievable .Basically,our senior Ozzy and his band called Pintight was to perform in Indore today ,the 9th November along with Mohit Chauhan.And all these guys Ashir,varun and obviously the band is sitting in indore right now. And even ashir knows howw mad i am for mohit chauhan. So ashir asked mohit chauhan to give an autograph specially for me..Then ashir called me ..He said that he had been talking to mohit all day...AAH!!God how stupid was I not to go to Indore,,exams and all.GOD!!!Anyway he asked me whether he wanted me to talk to mohit or not......I was soo nervous at first.But till then ashir hung up saying the show is about to begin,so mohit wont be able to talk right now..So he will talk later..I was really disheartened.But he called again after a minute and asked me to run to a place of good connectivity,BECAUSE THE NEXT FEW MINUTES WERE GOING TO BE MY DREAM COME TRUE..I ran outside.......It was 9.41 pm sharp..And suddenly a familiar voice said something from the other side..He said "Hello Priya"......And my heart just new no bounds.. It was the same voice that i heard 24*7 ..Everytime i heard a song was mostly of mohit chauhan's. And the same voice was actually talking to me..I was just soooo nervous.....I mean.....It was MOHIT CHAUHAN i was talking to..>I started stammering and asked whether this is "MOHIT CHAUHAN".>ANd he said "Ya this is mohit speaking".....

Then he asked me "Ive heard you are studying for your exams .."
My heart fluttered even more "Ya.YOu have no idea what a big fan i am of your songs...right from dooba to kuch khaas,Ive never missed a single song of yours"
And he went "Really.....Oh thank you so much.Im glad you like my songs so much ."
ANd i just went on screaming without letting him talk.I mean..Normally when im really nervous and happy at the same time,i try to hide it by talking more and more.
Unfortunately he had his show starting and he had to leave .
So he said "Hey Priya,ill talk to you later.My show is about to begin,but anyway all the best for your exams"...
I seriously felt like telling him i love him.But i thought it would look like a total mad fan(which i didnt want myself to be potrayed as,but ended up doing the same).
I wished him good luck for the show,..And that was the end of this fabulous experience.
I was literally jumping in the courtyard for five minutes,not able to believe i talked to my favourite singer,someone whom i always said has something in his voice.....which i am truly in love with.

I wish i could have got to talk to him more...and listen to the same voice....That i hear all the time..

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A fresh new start!!

ok! a week for my exams...exactly 7 days....I really don't want to ruin my pointer because of extra curricular activities..And you know what??I was just remembering my school days..when i was in the 9th standard..That time i was a really studious person..And i was kinda sure that if i was the same till the end of 12th,i would have made it to the IITs..Lol..... Anyway i think i should get serious with studies..Lets hope this entire week of preparations go well.MY caffeine intake might increase because of the amount to study, which would be directly proportional to the amount of coffee that would enter my stomach......
Anyway im feeling really weird today........I think i need to meditate ......ok thats abt it for today..nothing speciall.......just being stressed with work..its a lot of work these days...not getting time for myself...but no time for that now..need to study.....Wish me luck,,so that i dont destroy my pointer....And so that people dont get an excuse to tell me that because of my participation in extra curricular activities ,my performance in academics has gone down......Btw also missing my Gandhinagar friends....A lot................

Sunday, November 2, 2008

On an emotional high!! really feeling emotional right now.We guys had our 'Roobaroo' meeting today for the final selection of models for Adaa(the fashion show).After all that was done,we decided to go out to new market in the little hope for sponsors who could fund our garments for adaa..........I,Animesh,Akanksha ,Era and Monica had gone to new market. GT reached Bhopal and joined us. We went to two shops but efforts in vain. The later part was the best..We were going around in the market,laughing like total maniacs,And joined by Ashir,things got even funnier.WE saw this toy man selling that fake nose and specs where when we blow ,the moustache rises up and makes that noise.I bought it..And my godddd....after that i wore it throughout new market and making those noises..People really thought i was crazy>.It was just perfect..So beautiful ...Allof us together...The bond created between us.. It was soo touching to see such close friendship.such purity...Amidst all the laughter i had a little tear in my eye thinking of how pure can a moment be..How perfect..I was suddenly thinking how much will i cry when ill leave this college.Now im so attached to my college mates that i just dont feel like getting out of bhopal..And to the people who are not satisfied with bhopal,lemme tell u...i wouldnt have found my friends in my college,the sweetest hearts in this world..had it not been for bhopal..........Today was just perfect..Im touched.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Emotionally not too strong at times.

I think Amit is absolutely right.He always told me this right from 7th standard that im an emotionally weak person.I never admitted it ,but now i do.But i still dont agree to him totally,because i think i still am strong..ITs just sometimes emotions give way and things go haywire . Like today,I got really emotional when someone kinda tried to put me down. Infact people like that have no significance in my life.... Otherwise nice day..Dance practice went really well. And my thighs need some good amount of rest it looks like .
We had dinner at Hong Kong Chinese. Was laughing madly at Amar's jokes. And I seriously realised something.That people who you feel are the most bindaas and happy go lucky in general,are infact the most sentimental people around.The perfect example being Amar...
And I think emotions play the most vital part in a man's life.
So people should not play with them.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween:Weird Blend!

MY first day at dance. I was being in the half sitting pose called aavdu pose for around one and a half hours.MY legs trembling. It was a lovely feeling.Reminded me of the incessant practice I used to do when i was younger. MY dance teacher Bharti Maam is an adorable doll,very encouraging. She really appreciates things. Im really happy to have found a teacher like her. I succeeded in talking to her to allow me to come for practices everyday from 6 to 7.30. mix of things happening in my life. I am feeling a little guilty of having done something which might have led to some emotional disturbances around and also some emotional development in some other places. I hope things don't end up being proved in such a way that my guilt is clearly proved right. I hope people who are a part of my college family (read:technical) dont end up doing something which might be crossing the line or something where they might be digging themselves a grave or a battle ground,or at maximum disowning. Lets hope things go well .And for the first time I hope my intuitions dont come true ,which to some extent it has..But not anymore..

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Its already happening!!

It was just yesterday when I was absolutely tensed with frustration because of the slow progress happening in mood-I work. Plus i was so busy organising adaa(the fashion show) and spectacular spectacular (dance drama) that I totally forgot about my own dance preparations. And today has been a really productive day for roobaroo. Our designs are finally complete for the round 1.It only needs to be given to the designer to sketch. Second thing,i contacted a dance teacher in bhopal named Bharti Humbal. And all thanks to the pushiness and perseverance of Aashir that today happened. He got her number from his friend and asked me to call her. And i did and she asked me to come to her place at 5.30. I went with Aashir and we talked about my solo classical dance in mood-I. And she wanted to test me to see how much I know.And i performed a little something....And the best part was that she found me talented.She said Im good,and I just need practice to polish my talent.GOd!!!This was the best news for me.I thought after leaving classical dance,the whole grace towards bharatanatyam is gone. But it seems like it is not true. I think i can still make it. AND IT seems like the first stepping stone to my dream. And this is all because of Aashir,without whom I probably wouldnt even have contacted any teacher for a lot of days. And i really learnt one thing from him,that in life if you want to get some work done you should A)Have good contacts whom you can call and ask for people regarding your work who can help B)Keep being pushy till you know the work is done,even if it involves calling up someone in the middle of the road when you are driving..
God this is a really nice day. It feels like something has finally begun..!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I close my eyes.

I close my eyes. And think of the things to happen. My participation in an international dance festival. The stage being all mine,millions of people to watch my performance,the stage lights on me. The mix of nervousness and challenge and excitement and happiness while beginning the performance. The sight of seeing soo many people and my mom sitting in the front row,smiling right at me.

I close my eyes and see 10 years from now.I see my adopted daughter 'Piah',the little 4 year old daughter ,who is an angelic beauty in true sense. I can see her learning Bharatanatyam right from the age of 3. Also taking ballet classes. I know she will be a much better dancer than what I could ever imagine myself to be. I would fulfil whatever my mom imagined herself to doing her life,and i know Piah will do the same for me.I know Piah is going to be the best dancer I would ever know.

I close my eyes and see my dance school, the school which deals in all forms of classical and western dances. Something that I would ensure that all the people around me realise how passionate one can become towards dance ..And that dance is just not a form of extracurricular activity, its an emotion in itself.

I close my eyes and see my pet organization, something I would love to do,for stray animals and pets. A home for them,a place for them to be looked after. I can see a huge place for the organization besides the meadows, a lot of kennels constructed together with a lot of empty space for the pets to run around. I can see so many dogs running around the empty space,during evening time,when the sun is on its way to set,and the orange ambiance gives me the feeling of happiness. I can see Piah picking up those little lambs and cuddling them. I can see her throwing Frisbee for the dogs to fetch.

I close my eyes and see myself the manager of a big cultural event,on a national level,like the Award winning shows. I can see myself running around ,managing the stage,decoration,talking to the sponsors and managing the budget along with ensuring the best of decoration. I can see myself deciding on which type of decor should the stage have. And what types of drape should be put on the back side of the stage.

I close my eyes and look at my mom and dad,who look at me with so much pride. I can see my mom,who has started a boutique,something she has been thinking of doing for long. I can see myself helping her out in buying the piece of land that she would need for her boutique.I can see her designing the best dresses and putting them for sale. And I am the biggest fan of her clothes.She is practically my designer.I can see my dad still continue his jogging,his fitness level on the zenith.I can see his smoking in control,and i can see he has decided to quit smoking. I can see him playing with Piah,playing badminton with her.

I close my eyes and realise..That life is so much better than what we think it is. It is so much more than frustration ,stagnation,self pity,fights with friends,bitching about people,falling in love with someone and not able to have him/her, jealousy,cribbing about the bad things happening in college.

Self cleansing

I was always a believer of yoga and the power of what it could do.And it is said that yoga is nothing without pranayama. But somehow I just like the power yoga asanas without the pranayama ,that is the importance of breathing. And more so,about meditation. I knew it works keep you concentrated and calm,but never had the patience to practice it. My mind wandered most of the times when I tried to meditate. I just tried it right now and I realise that it actually makes you feel dreamy. You get into this state of trance where everything around you seems so much better than what it is. You feel positive about everything that has happened to you and that is going to happen. 
But surprisingly,as i said my mind wanders a lot when trying to focus.. And this state of imagination set in. It was like a visualization of what my future is. I dont know whether it was what it is going to be,or what I want it to be like. But the former and latter dont make much of a difference.And now I realised how important it is to take time out of your daily rat race and just close your eye and breathe. It gives you an altogether new perspective towards life. 

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My EQ Test!

Your EQ is 127

You usually have it going on emotionally, but roadblocks tend to land you on your butt.

On an average day, you're quite happy, together, and content. You live your life well.

Your emotions aren't always stable, but you can go along with the ups and downs pretty well.

You tend to be motivated, energetic, focused, and level headed.

You see the world pretty rationally, and you don't tend to over dramatize things. When things are bad, you know they eventually have to get better.

When will my dream come true?

Arengetram is the final stage performance of the classical dance Bharatnatyam. So Priya and Dance:Dance for me is like the air we breathe,the water we drink.. I joined bharatnatyam classes in the 3rd standard.And since then development of dance has been an integral part of me. After five years of training ,I couldnt do the stage performance because of a lot of trivial reasons.Whenever I google the word bharatanatyam and look into the images,the poses,the grace and the passion with which dancers perform.I just feel I so could have been one of them.But I missed by a small margin. I could have been on stage for a duration of five hours and performed to my heart's fullest.And then I could have looked at my mom's face,who would have been soo proud of me ..seeing me on stage. And then I could have called her on stage to give the final speech..And would have hugged her,and thanked her for whatever she taught me. I actually imagine each scene of that duration .and the entire event is perfectly pictured in my mind. I just have to put my imagination into reality. And I know its still not so late,I still can do my arengetram. I really want to do it someday..I have dreams of performing and my mom standing besides me ..All the time..helping me dress up for every performance...with the creativity she has.
I know that day will come one day in my life..But when?

US of G(Gujarat)

Gujarat...The gullible wonderland!!

As known by all,Gujarat is making tremendous progress by leaps and bounds and heading towards one of the most develop countries by the year 2010.This holy year has been a deadlines for most states of India,or rather for the word.!!This blog of mine is prepared to give you a lot of useful information about my vibrant and culturally rich state Gujarat..Inspite of being able to withstand the scrutiny faced by our present chief minister Narendra Modi during elections,he and our administration has proudly succeeded in living upto the expectations of the state,or maybe more than that!!

Talking of safety,Gujarat is one place which is very safe for women.Women can roam around till 12 at night without worrying much. Education wise we have good number of institutes in Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad itself.Institutions such as DA-IICT,NIFT,NID, and upcoming IIT stand to the stature of the state. Not to forget a lot of other colleges such as MS university Baroda,Gujarat University Ahmedabad and NIT Surat ,which comes amongst the good NITs of our country.
Since 2002,Gujarat has seen an exponential progress in terms of administration, infrastructure, technology,education and welfare of the gujaratis.!!With the huge success of the Narmada project,Gujarat,inspite of not being blessed with too much rainfall,has never had problems where household water is concerned.Gandhinagar,the capital city of Gujarat sees its beautiful and lush green city with impeccable roads comparable to the roads of the most developed countries of India. Also,in 2007 ,Gujarat came up with a new concept of gas pipelines instead of hassle causing LPG cylinders.It was probably the first state in India to come up with a concept like that.It is also one of the few cities in India which receives the least power cut offs (maybe once in six months or something) unlike cities which have power failures most of the time.As it is ,gujarat is a perfect place to be ,especially for single working women where safety matters are concerned. With fun loving and warm hearted gujaratis in town,it becomes a large home for one to live in.

Recently Gujarat has come up with this new concept called Wi-Max.It is basically Wi-Fi,but in the entire city. Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad are two cities which have been proposed to be made Wi-Max by December 2008. That means instead of getting a broadband ,one could get the same speed(maybe more) through Wi-Max without the hassle of wires.Gujarat will be the first of this kind in India.
Also another revolution that will totally change the way of living for most people is 24*7 water supply. Normally people receive drinking water twice a day which they save up in tanks. This supply of waterwill put the tank manufacturing companies in Gujarat out of business. There would be absolutely no need of storing water anymore.
And finally,as everyone knows the Nano project happening in Gujarat.. There is no field which is left to be achieved by Gujarat.
Such is the revolution created by the administration of Gujarat.Probably in the next few years ,it will come upto the levels of USA!!Go Gujarat!!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Rate my Life!

Hey i just saw this quiz taken by a blogmate of mine...Its called Rate my LIfe!I took the test and here is my result!

This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz
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Life: Your life rating is a score of the sum total of your life, and accounts for how satisfied, successful, balanced, capable, valuable, and happy you are. The quiz attempts to put a number on the summation of all of these things, based on your answers. Your life score is reasonably high. This means that you are on a good path. Continue doing what is working and set about to improve in areas which continue to lag. Do this starting today and you will begin to reap the benefits immediately. (Read more on improving your life)

Mind: Your mind rating is a score of your mind's clarity, ability, and health. Higher scores indicate an advancement in knowledge, clear and capable thinking, high mental health, and pure thought free of interference. Your mind score is within a healthy zone. This means you have achieved a level of mental balance and harmony consistent with living a healthy, happy life. Continue doing what works, and keep your focus. In our fast-paced world, mental clutter is all too common. Be vigilant in maintaining healthy mental function. Read advice from other quiz-takers on improving the mind.

Body: Your body rating measures your body's health, fitness, and general wellness. A healthy body contributes to a happy life, however many of us are lacking in this area. You have an excellent body score, which means you are incredibly focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Continue in that focus, and your body will remain healthy and strong. Read advice from other quiz-takers on improving the body.

Spirit: Your spirit rating seeks to capture in a number that elusive quality which is found in your faith, your attitude, and your philosophy on life. A higher score indicates a greater sense of inner peace and balance. Your spirit score is relatively high, which means you are rewarded by your beliefs. Spirituality is clearly important to do. Never let it slip, and continue to learn and grow. Read advice from other quiz-takers on improving the spirit.

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Finance: Your finance rating is a score that rates your current financial health and stability. Your finances are somewhat in the middle, neither bad or exceptional. Keep doing what works for you, and improve what doesn't. Focus on long-term financial stability as your goal. Read advice from other quiz-takers on improving your finances.

Consider joining the community, a private young adult message board community with high standards and no advertisements.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Check this site out!Coolest ever..

Wow I just saw this site where there is this woman Patricia Moreno, who is a fitness/dance instructor and she teaches you the new way of living without the traditional retreat style of the Sages (Although personally,I even love the methodology of those sages). But for the people who find those ways boring,this is the perfect way to attain fitness,GET a HOLD OF YOUR LIFE and start a new ,fresh life ..

Time Management !!Im loving it.

I had a good day today.Touch Wood!. And I realised that the greater the pressure one has in their daily life,the better they learn to manage time . Infact I can say that my time management skills have improved a lot.
1)I study better without actually working harder.(Touch wood a million times)
2)I eat healthy
3)drink green tea every day
4)have atleast two servings of a fruit every day
5)exercise and yoga for an hour
6)get up early
7)read the newspaper thoroughly
8)ensure I drink up my daily dose of 3 litres of water.
9)Blog regularly,if not daily.
10)Make less noise
11)Have breakfast everyday,and also drink that tall glass of milk.(Woof..!!,that does require some effort))
I dont know whether it is a result of yoga which has improved my concentration,but it surely seems to be helping. I just feel soo good about it. I feel like saying Touch Wood soo many times... Anyway Im going home on this saturday, Im soo excited to meet my family and Polly,.Want to see how Polly has been doing,..And go shopping with my mom and give her like the new cool look. Anyway everyone knows this fact that my mom is a hundred times cooler than me,so probably I might need help from her,not the other way round. Anwyay its nap time for me,otherwise these achievements wont be met properly tomorrow. Take care.Happy Reading!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Who will cry when you die!

I am a big fan of self help books. Unlike people who find it boring,monotonous and holier-than-thou attitude,I truly respect these books and yearn to follow each principle like the holy books. I have read The Monk Who Sold the Ferrari by Robin Sharma and I truly felt inspired after reading it. Ive heard a lot about his third book called Who will cry when you Die? .I was going through The Sunday Times and happen to read the page of Mind Over Matter(my personal favourite in The Times ) and saw the excerpt of the book. And one of the fundamentals explained was about getting up early during the day. They say its the quality of sleep that matters over quantity. And the reasons why one should have a good night sleep and get up very early each morning is because of the following:
1)You remember events of life,in the forms of happiness ,sadness and intellect longer. Try to remember,when you were small and used to getup for school everyday,dont you think that inspite of soo many years you still remember those moments more than the moment exactly a year before ,when you were in college,struggling hard to get up from bed?
2)It makes your day longer and makes you realise how special each moment is. You must have heard youself say this often:"I didnt realise where the day just passed". Time to take a review of your sleep habits.
3)Keeps brain more alert during the day. So lesser studying and more remembering of syllabus.
4)Keeps your metabolism high. Now one might ask how. See,only when you get up early will you succeed in having the most important meal of the day: The breakfast. And this meal helps to increase metabolism in the body. So you'll live longer,will stay fit,and not get fat and not know the reason.
Keep this points in mind and please dont forget to read this self help book, who knows your views about these books might just change.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

CCD's Sizzling brownie ..Heaven!

Yes,these words are coming out from a health freak,someone who is health conscious and strict about what she eats.But today I decided to cut myself some slack..I and Bhai(Amit Singh) went to get my kinetic from the service station and as a thank you,i decided to treat him at CCD. We went there and ordered a sizzling brownie. It was seriously heaven on earth.I forgot all about my diet and could only focus on the feast in front of my eyes. The waiter got one large chocolate-almond brownie on a typical sizzler plate to keep it warm for a long time. And there was a big dollop of rich,creamy vanilla icecream on top of it. He came with the sizzling hot brownie and freezing cold icecream on top . And then he poured rich chocolate syrup on top till the brownie sunk into it. And when the syrup came in contact with the sizzling hot plate,it started to bubble and became hot syrup. We savoured it like crazy. The crunchy, scrumptious almond pieces in between the brownie and the hot-cold feeling in the mouth was just irresistible. We ate up the entire brownie till we could lick it clean. Thank god no one was looking at us.otherwise they really would have thought we have been starving for the past one week..Wish I never put on weight after eating these high calorie foods!!Would have savoured them for life..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Im really out of ideas right now.But because of the huge break ,i thought of initiating something so that i can promise myself to write blogs regularly. Hope i live upto it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I lost my cellphone..AGAIN!!!!!!

This is the second time I lost my cell. Woaaaaaaahhhhhh!So this is a note to the readers .Please mail me your numbers if you knew I had them on about the losing of the cell.I had gone to watch Rock On with my friends and I think the cell just fell down..So lets hope I get it tomorrow.Anyway Im feeling too blue to write anything more.So will write something tomorrow.Happy reading.

Monday, September 1, 2008

A mother's dream...

Every mother tells her child to fulfill the dreams that she had for herself ,but couldn't fulfill it. So many passions ,and those unfinished dreams of hers,maybe because she decided to create us and bring us to this life.She chose to give us the greatest gift of life over her dreams.Why?It is because of her that we are in this world,and because of her that we are able to read and write this blog.But in return to this greatest gift,have we thought of letting her dreams get fulfilled?Have we ever thought that our mothers might be looking back and wondering that they missed in life,and what they could do with their talents?Have we ever thought that she wants her creation,us ,to fulfill her dreams ?Its still not late.We still can fulfill her dreams,make her proud of the fact that her dreams got fulfilled,if not by her,atleast by her children,her creation.

I promise you mom that in life you will see all your dreams fulfilled.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Can I forgive and forget?

They say humans should always learn to forgive and forget. That is always a virtue.But what if one cant?What if one feels that some mistakes are beyond forgiveness?Are there mistakes that are beyond forgiveness?Or is it just that we ,mortals ,dont just have the ability to forgive someone who hurt you .Or even if not forgive,atleast forget.I can forget mistakes by others easily,but are we sure we can forgive? And mortals would always think one fundamental question."Why should I forgive if it was the other person who hurt you" ans ordinarily a person would think..Why forgive?The question still remains unanswered . Should one forgive other humans even if they feel their mistakes is beyond forgiveness?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kashmir:The question still remains

To go or not to go,is the issue that Kashmir is dealing with at the present moment. This is in reference with the TOI article on the front page dated August,24,2008. Was the Amarnath shrine issue and the fight for the No Man's Land not enough that this incessant poll on whether the country should let go of Kashmir or not?I'm trying to be liberal in my thinking ,but this pol just doesn't get down my gullet. Either the country has realized that keeping a state has become a matter of debate,not a matter of fact,or probably the urban areas haven't yet realized urgency of Kashmir as a unsettled fatigue issue rather than self determination.

Pamper is such a doll!!

Yesterday we found this absolutely cute kitten in our courtyard. It was black and patches of white.The best part was that it was not scared of anyone..It came near to my leg and started purring .I picked it up and brought it to my room,gave it milk made out of milk powder .After that it went off to sleep.Today morning,she randomly went to everyone's rooms looking for food.Shilpi took care for it the other half of the time when I wasn't.In the afternoon it jumped on my bed and slept for around three hours. I have a picture of her. I have named it 'Pamper'.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Injured:Day 4!

I think I'm getting used to walking with this blue plaster on my leg. I gave my test,which went really well,thanks to YK(my classmate) for helping me revise the entire course in the morning.I had a Ripple meeting,whose preparation is going really good. I came back and slept like a log till 8.00pm at night. Nothing new today,except for the blog written below this,on the insistence of my best friend,who,like a fool,will agree to read my blogs only if he sees something written about him. He is really mad you know.Further updates later.Enjoy!

Treasured memories!

I was twelve years old.I studied in the 7th standard. Because I was really weak in Social Studies,my mom decided to send me for tuitions. A few other students of my class used to come there. There I found my best friend and the most adorable sweetheart on this earth. He was cute,charming,handsome and also a flirt. That was a time when I never talked to guys and thought you end up spoiling yourself when you talk to them. And in return,the guys used to think I have a lot of attitude (so easy to tag anyone this way). But then ,all of my resolutions and beliefs were broken by him. When I started attending classes in the beginning, he approached me on the first day and asked me something about the homework. He had something very pleasant about him. Instantly,things clicked between us. I knew he was charming also because of his natural talents,and to some level,also because he was flirting(you know,thats what guys love to do..all the time.). And for the first time,I couldn't shield myself from the flirting(you know the only armor had gone for repair). But I must say,I didn't find him out and out evil for the first time. He seemed very sweet as well. Finally,after talking for sometime,my other classmates came out of the class. And as usual,I became red with embarrassment (you know thats my problem.I get really embarrassed when people see me talking to a guy). Day by day,we kept talking more and more.And just for the record,I was a very mischievous person. I used to steal his cycle and leave him to chase me on my bicycle whose tyres never had air in it.He had a Hero Top Gear bicycle and I thought he really looked cute riding that. I,with my Hero Devil (pink, by the way) always told him that I wanted to drive his bicycle. Poor thing,he in my pink bicycle used to chase me to get his brand new cycle. Oh,he was the biggest Age of Empires fan.My interest and addiction in the game is all because of him.His dad used to get him loads of foreign chocolates. And he used to bring them to class and give them to me after the class got over. When sometimes he didn't come to class,he used to ask me notes the next day. And god,he had the worst handwriting in the entire universe.They were like little ants creeping over the entire notebook,not knowing which side to go to. I still think of those days when I felt that I found someone so close,some guy,especially,which was virtually impossible considering my resolutions of never talking to guys. Oh ya,we had also accidentally happened to join the basketball summer camp in my school,and I must say,he was one of the best basketball players amongst people of our age group. The fun that we had was just amazingly memorable.When we were in opposite teams,I used to pull his shirt and try and stop him while he ,in his swift motions headed for offense.That was my childhood style of defense.I still think of those days when I felt that I found someone so close,some guy,especially,which was virtually impossible considering my resolutions of never talking to guys. He was the best thing that could have ever happened to my life.I found my best friend and my childhood sweetheart..finally.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Injured :Day 3!

I'm really missing home .Just talked to my mom and brother. Things seem soo cute and cozy at home. I miss their presence. I miss drinking coffee with them during evenings when the setting sun rays used to enter the windows of my house in front of the dining table.I miss gossiping with them about anything and everything while sipping the hot tasty coffee my mom makes. I miss Polly(my pet) jumping at me whenever she heard the slightest crisp of Marie biscuit (her favorite ,by the way) and she used to get it.I miss my mom's laughter at those politically incorrect jokes( which are really funny) that my brother cracks. I miss Polly's bark at those little kids who play cricket outside our house,and used to snatch their ball and play with it whenever it entered my lawn. I miss my dad who pampers me like no one can ever do.I miss Goli(my sister) who I love talking to ..because she is such a fun person who has so many interesting facts to talk about.I miss my brother Pratham making fun of Goli and the way she gets offended .I miss home. But lucky I have Popat here in my hostel,in my room,who is almost a substitute to my family.But remember Popat is mad,hateli,but still a sweetheart. Anyway the worst part is that I'm not able to contribute properly for Ripple this time.Everyone in my batch is going for sponsorship and I'm not getting an opportunity to be a part of it. And people come back and look at me with sympathy...and I've started hating it now. I am constantly reminded of the fact that I have a plastered leg which is not going to be removed for the next 15-20 days. I miss doing those things that I used to do when I was all fine and active. But look at me..We humans are never happy with what we have. I just have an injured leg which will be repaired in a few days and I'm crying over it,and I think of the people who become physically handicapped during accidents,who take life as it comes,happily. I think Im just being an ordinary mortal....a greedy mortal!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Injured:Day 2!

This is my second day of the injury. And my plaster looks very decorated now. Urvi(I call her Popat,so thats what Ill be using in my blog) has used her excellent creative skills and flower making along with mickey mouse art work ..She has drawn an anklet and a pretentious slipper on my plaster which she thought would give an illusion that Im really wearing slippers on that foot(What were you thinking Popat..Lol)Anyway the day was'nt so bad as I thought.I didnt cry nor sulk because of the fact that my leg is injured and I can run around like a baby monkey. I slept half the day and ate the other half. And for the fitness fans ,let me tell you Im cutting myself some slack for a few days,excusing me all the calories till my plaster is removed. The only thing I plan to do is Pranayama in the morning . Lets see how far I go with it. Sponsorship for Ripple '08 is going to begin in full form from tomorrow.Unfortunately I cant be part of it.But Im still looking forward to doing atleast the desk jobs for Ripple.I want to contribute to Ripple as much as I can and help make it a roaring success. Urvi gave some lovely ideas about the sponsorship. She could consider marketing as a second career. By the way,for the Ripple fans ,here is the link to the website of Ripple
Enough for today,have to get started with studies for tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


All my superpowers are put to rest.Yesterday I had gone for basketball,twisted my right ankle and Lo!I have a plaster on my right leg for the next fifteen days.No basketball,no running around for meetings ..And no exercise!!Someones going to put on some weight by then. I cried on the basketball because of the excruciating I cried today because of my active life coming to a stand still. But nevertheless ,im not going to give up.I have already thought of things to do and ways to utilise time during these fifteen days. So I hope I don't end up feeling like as if I wasted my entire time.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Mood-Indigo ,popularly known as Mood-I is the biggest cultural festival in Asia. It is conducted every year during the end of December by the Indian Institute of Technology,Bombay. This year it will be my second time to this festival. Last year was marvelous,gave me the best ideas as to what to do in our college. Mood-I had a lot of group events, especially of 10-12 people.Things like group dance,UV light dance,street play,situational acting etc was a big part of the festival. This year I decided that we could go as a college group and perform at various Mood-I events. Hope to see active participation of MANITians in the formation of group that would go to Mood-I 2008. The dates have been scheduled from 20-23rd December 2008..
Hoping for a trophy!!
Oh ya ..for more information log on to

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

27 days to go Rippling!!

Its twenty seven days exactly for our annual literary event 'Ripple '08' to start.All excited,work going on with full force,loads of challenges ahead,there is extreme enthusiasm amongst us. We can't wait for the event to start,something we waited for the last two years. A dream ..finally getting fulfilled.!
Ripple is an annual event organized by Drishtant,the literary society in our college. And the reason why the event is so popular is not only because of the event itself,it is also because of what Drishtant is,and what it taught us in life. It taught us to work like a team,like a family ,and work together for a cause . And Ripple will help us come closer .
I have completed 50% of my undergrad education,and I would be gone from here in the next two years..or rather next one and a half years. And I would'nt be with the college anymore,busy in my job or further studies. But the things that will remain are the memories....

Do what you fear the most.!!!

What are your worst fears?The heights,the depths or the darkness?Or is it stage fear?What phobia do you have?

I read in one of th self help books that one should always learn to do that that they fear the most.

If one fears the heights,go bungee jumping.
If one fears the darkness,close yourself in a room for sometime.
If you fear the stage,promise yourself you will speak in public the next time an event in class or your college comes up.
If you fear relationships,get into one.
If you fear falling in love,fall into it and get up.
Fight your worst fears till you've fought and won.

Promise yourself that you would try this the next time you face challenges in your life.

Monday, August 11, 2008

GUJARATI SHAKIRA !!Hilarious....

I don't plan to preach anything about fitness nor my schedule about anything. Just thought I should give my brain a little rest for a day.
But I have something which will make you roll on the floor laughing..
This one is for all you gujjus allover the world...and also those who are big Shakira fans.

I happened to see this video in a friend's video album on orkut.
Here is an attached link of the video that can be viewed on

Sunday, August 10, 2008


RESOLUTIONS to be made by me!!(deadline not decided yet)

(resolutions are not in order or their priority,bur randomly)

1.Do something outstanding and make a name for myself.
2.Do not do anything that will let mom down. In fact,do something outstanding and make her proud.
3.Save money.
4.Lose weight from 49 Kgs to 48 Kgs (permanently)
5.Get up early in the morning everyday (By 6.00am)
6.Read newspaper daily.
7.Brush twice a day
8.Smile ,the first thing to do when get up.
9.Thank god every morning for this beautiful day.
10.Light an incense stick every morning.
11.Do arangetram .(The final bharatnatyam stage performance of 5 hours.)
12.Do yoga.
13.Blog more.
14.Go for river water rafting.(or canoing at lake view,Bhopal)
15.Help the stray pets.
16.Learn new softwares.
17.Go for basketball regularly in the morning.
18.Do not fall in love.
(Addition will be done as an when required.)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Are you FIT?

Are you one of those who have belly fat?Can you call yourself an obese?Do you exercise less than one hour a week including walking to college?Then this one is for you .

I know this one is going to be skipped by most of you who laze in your chair surfing the net (reading blogs) ,but this one is for you guys the most. Today's world has totally forgotten the importance of staying fit and staying healthy. Year after year, more and more diseases have been coming up and inflicting people with its virus,most of which is because of obesity. One of the most dreadful disease that it is in itself, it is also the main cause of bringing other diseases along with it, major cause of which is reduction of immunity levels in the body. There is a reason why gyms and swimming pools are flooded (literally) with people .

There is a percent of people who understand the grave need of staying fit and not increasing the probability of hitting diseases at an earlier age, but good and bad always go hand in hand,because of which the number of ignorant souls have increased with the same leaps and bounds. I decided to write this blog to create awareness and tips of how you can make little changes in your daily life and stay fitter,stay healthy.

1)Remember,you are what your genetic make-up is made up of. So there may be a few things you might not be changed. But research shows that with regular exercise you can change upto 70% of the diseases that could otherwise have been passed on by your ancestors.
2)Weight of people with the same height can differ because of their difference in bone density.A better and much effective way to check whether your weight is under control or not is BMI (Body Mass Index).
Calculation of BMI is as follows:
Its formula is Weight/(Height in meters)^2 (In SI Units)

Category BMI range - kg/m2 BMI Prime Mass of a 1.8 metres (5 ft 11 in) person with this BMI
Severely underweight less than 16.5 less than 0.60 under 53.5 kilograms (8.42 st/118 lb)
Underweight from 16.5 to 18.5 from 0.6 to 0.74 from 53.5 and 60 kilograms (8.42 and 9.45 st/118 and 132 lb)
Normal from 18.5 to 25 from 0.74 to 1.0 from 60 and 81 kilograms (9.4 and 13 st/130 and 180 lb)
Overweight from 25 to 30 from 1.0 to 1.2 from 81 and 97 kilograms (12.8 and 15.3 st/180 and 210 lb)
Obese Class I from 30 to 35 from 1.2 to 1.4 from 97 and 113 kilograms (15.3 and 17.8 st/210 and 250 lb)
Obese Class II from 35 to 40 from 1.4 to 1.6 from 113 and 130 kilograms (17.8 and 20.5 st/250 and 290 lb)
Obese Class III above 40 above 1.6 above 130 kilograms (20 st/290 lb)
(According to

3)Physical exercise is not done only for improving physical appearance ,but also for improving your stamina. Test for Stamina: CAN YOU CLIMB TEN FLOORS OF A BUILDING AND STILL NOT BE TIRED? If you can do that,then you are going the right way towards a fit life. But if not,then your lifestyle needs serious changes.

4)A lot of people (students specially) thinks its uncool to think of physical fitness and taking care of your health.
MYTH 1: College students are still young and have a high rate of metabolism.
FACT 1: College students are the ones who want to look the best.

Its time people to take a quick look at yourself and see whether you can be considered a fit person or not.
If you're among the 90% students of your college who do not care about physical fitness (In your language :I dont "wanna" care).. Take a good look at yourself and think.!!!

(Coming up with tips in my next blog)

Friday, August 8, 2008

08/08/08 True meaning of a Guru!

Exhausted,tired from the college classes but still rejuvenated. I has promised to write about feminism,resolutions etc ,but I have to share this one with you. I just came back from a guest lecture in my college society named IBC conducted by a faculty named Ms.Somi Jacob. And I can assure you,she is the best thing that could have ever happened to our society. It was a one hour lecture on Group discussion for interviews and placements in MBA. It was supposed to start at 4.30pm ,but due to the Indian Standard Time instilled in students, it started by 4.45pm. And those one and a half hours were the most enlightening moments of my entire life.It was the first time I didn't lose focus nor get distracted even for a moment. She began explaining what GD is all about. We had been given hand-outs to be referred to. It contained the bullet points of the lecture. She explained the most common mistakes that one tends to do during a GD (which I plan to put up in points in my post someday just like she did). With the perfect blend of humor,knowledge and application ,she totally had all the ears and mind for her. She was truly awesome. I can proudly say that,for the first time in my entire life,I've understood who a good teacher is.She defined the meaning of a good teacher,of a guru,who imparts knowledge to students,to the extent of enlightening them .The 45 minute lecture was then succeeded by a mock GD just to test our skills in GD.She became the evaluator and gave us a topic which left mouths open (literally). The topic that she gave was "HUMPTY DUMPTY SAT ON A WALL"(I know your mouth is left open too). She gave us two minutes to start. We all came up with the crappiest of stories and points which were meaningless(some insightful I must say). The GD lasted for about ten minutes. After evaluating us on the Gd,we called the IBC members on stage an d gave her a token of thanks by giving her a Cafe Coffee Day cup and saucer. 08/08/08 is going to be a very memorable day ..Because she defined the meaning of a true teacher,a guru.

Coming UP!!

Its been days since Ive blogged. And this time Im going to resolve to write daily..Even if it is the smallest of things. I just had some ideas in mind which i had to put down on pen and paper,most of all that were from a feminist's point of view.I hate to be authoritative and extremist in my views about feminism,but if the world works the other way round,why cant I do the same and bring it back to square 1?(Hope you get me ,.negative*negative makes positive). So Ill be coming up with a few blogs about feminism,some reviews of my friend's blogs (even criticisms maybe) and a few health tips for a fitter you(for women ,by the way). So keep blogging ,and do read my posts. Enjoy!!!

PS-I might also come up with a few resolutions to fulfill by the end of the year (or life's resolutions)...(This is psychology that if you announce to the world,it becomes a matter of self esteem to fulfill it.)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Happiness comes in large packages!!!

Its been a lot of days since I blogged..I actually had a lot of things in mind but couldn't get the time to put it on pen and paper. Or maybe because I was busy thanking god and counting laurels. Also the ambiguity of whether to write down things that made me happy (considering I shouldn't jinx it) left me with a few days before I realised I couldn't stop myself and share with you. Normally I (like most mortals of this world) have always felt that luck favors the world but me (pessimist ..I know). But lately I have started feeling different these days. Maybe it is my pessimistic attitude diminishing or that luck has given its share to me . Also considering the option that this semester is lucky for me (I hope you get how much I deduce things..)..

Many things have been happening that made me believe in the fact that things can be going well for a lot of people without even realizing.

a)I ruined my digital camera completely,scratches all over and the lens went out of focus.I really surrendered thinking Ill have to buy a new camera. And just look at my luck .I ended up getting an absolutely new camera for free.Apparently the camera was under warranty and repairing it would have been costlier than getting a new one.I couldn't have been happier.Seriously.

b)Me and my roomies got an AIRTEL internet connection and a 5 port switch. Now it seems we bought a very low quality switch which people said works like a hub (god knows how such a thing is possible however cheap a switch is..). We did every possible thing to get three laptops connected to one airtel connection....Considering we are not such experts in connection ,we called upon a technician to help us.And turns out we knew more than him.Then one night me and Urvi (the cutest roomie anyone could ever have..) sat and started experimenting with the settings .We were determined to start the connection that day itself. And Lo!!! Persistence paid.. Oh by the way,which is another philosophy I truly believe in. Everything started working that day. You might not realized the extent of my happiness ,but live in a room for two years with a laptop but no connection and you'll realize. Except for cut wires and LAN clips scattered in my room ,my happiness knew no bounds.

c)Me and my batch decided to go for a trip to Sanchi and Raisen fort in Bhopal,India (Hello.. which again was decided after we thought of big plans which got canceled ). Now one day before the trip date was decided ,I and Indu (another cutie pie of my batch) drove my twelve year old kinetic till old Bhopal (which is one of the toughest bumper car races one can have) and finally reached the travel agent.Talking to him we got the bad news that the RTO office was closed that day and the buses needed a permit to go to any of these tourist destinations. I was really really disappointed considering that I had made up my mind to mange this trip well and make it a success. Now here the convincing part played an important role. We asked the agent to do anything he could to get us the bus for the next day .After like millions of years of convincing he finally said he was prepared to take the risk . And Lo .!! again our work was done. Now the next task was to contact resort to get buffet system ready for the girls. Wait the job is not done yet !! No one in my college seemed to be having the phone number of the resort where we needed food from. Now technology swooped its way into its importance this time. Unexpectedly the phone number of that resort was available on the internet (don't raise eyebrows because it wasn't such a famous resort )..Talks were done and everything was perfectly planned . And for the record,the trip was fabulous..It couldn't have been better. Oh ya not to forget mentioning, there were a few stalkers in Raisen fort who got a really good verbal thrashing from us thirty six girls...It was like a nice release of emotions.Felt really good btw.. (ya ya I know that you must be thinking what a feminist I am..Well I'm proud of it).

d)We played housie (or tambola as some call it) during the trip.. Now my luck in games is like a donkey's luck in singing . And I won two prizes during the game.Me ,Indu and Nupur were in one team. It was so good.Seriously.

e)My mobile phone got soaked in a polythene bag where I had kept it from protection incase it rained .What I didn't see was whether the polythene was dry or not .And to my luck it wasn't .(Lol ..look at the irony)..My phone was soaked in about 50 ml of water for four hours and I had no clue about it.And after I came home and saw a thick layer of moisture on my screen ..I knew it was time to buy a new cellphone)..I dried the phone besides my laptop exhaust hoping that it might just start, and fate startled me by getting the phone started..Good news ,I don't have to buy a new phone now. Bad news ,Oh yes I don't have a camera mobile,my cellphone costs Rs.2800 and I'm really proud of it.I don't plan to change it till it cracks into two pieces or water succeeds in making its way again and choking it!!!

And now I suddenly realized that there were so many things that made me happy, and most of it might be insignificant to you . But these little things made me realize that luck can favor us in small ways without making us realize. And trust me,if you start keeping count of how many things made you happy in a day (with a positive mind, of course) you'll realize you are the luckiest person in the whole world!!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Man's best his home!!!

As is always said " There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.".
Do you ever look at puppies and get emotional to the core?Does your maternal (and paternal) instincts awaken looking at these adorable cuddly babies?Do you ever look at these cute little toy-like creatures and wonder why God didn't give them the love they actually deserve?Did you ever look into their innocent eyes and get pinched thinking of the fact that a lot of these puppies do no have a proper home to live, or proper food to eat??

Everyone loves human babies. And everyone dreams of holding their own baby in their hands some day. Similarly,a lot of people are animal lovers and love them like their babies ,and to be specific,DOG LOVERS. Dogs are miracles with paws. But unfortunately not many are able to do anything for them.

Is it because of lack of initiative,or because of apprehension or just the thought of taking up so much hassle?

I was just going through a community on Orkut about animal lovers in my city.To my utter surprise I saw a lot of people having found stray homeless puppies.They had kept it in their houses and asking people who wished to adopt them.And it was shocking to see that it had been more than three months to the post submitted and not one person contacted to offer adopting the puppy. Is it that people don't login through Orkut (the most popular social networking site in India) often enough to see the post submitted by those people,or is it their lethargy that stops their stiff fingers to type into the post,or is it that they just don't care about pets??If it is the first two ,it is not their fault.But if it is the latter,then the matter needs looking into.

A few months ago I saw this video of puppies in IIM Ahmedabad. The students out there were posting to all different pet forums as possible ,and asking people to adopt pets .They even went to the extreme of vaccinating each one of them and deworming them as well.

In spite of so many people willing to do something for the puppies,Why are so many puppies still homeless?

There can be countless number of reasons but that does not count.What counts is the end ,where
dogs need to be happy. Remember, when aspiring students like you all take a job and are responsible enough for another living being, please take initiative and do something for the pets. Even if due to circumstances you cannot keep pets in your home,at least try in some way or the other to help them.They need our support and they have equal right to live in this world as much as we do.Im truly inspired by the students of IIM Ahmedabad who took care of the puppies and now they have happy homes to live in.

And for the citizens who can afford to keep pets in your house,...Next time you see a stray puppy or a post in your forum ,please take a step from your life and adopt a puppy. I bet no animal owner would have ever regretted keeping a pet at home. They never talk about themselves but listen to you while you talk about yourself, and keep up an appearance of being interested in the conversation.

Have a pet at home and you'll always be happy.Because they always give you unconditional love.And also because you know that the pet is someone who will never leave you till the end.

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole". ~Roger Caras

Monday, June 2, 2008


As is described in the Wikipedia,Chauvinism is "Chauvinism (pronounced /ˈʃoʊvɨnɪzəm/) is extreme and unreasoning partisanship on behalf of a group to which one belongs, especially when the partisanship includes malice and hatred towards a rival group..In this existing world,the word "chauvinism" always exists with a prefix "MALE". Everywhere you go,everywhere you see..Its all male chauvinists existing in this world..Be it my college,my society or my surroundings...I cant really see anything else.. Their thoughts are anger-provoking especially when they cannot stand a woman becoming their boss or being someone more powerful than them.I don't understand why the world thinks of women as the weaker of the sexes??

A positive opinion would be that they want women to be protected and well taken care of.But seriously,any woman,let it be your wife or girlfriend,mother or sister or your best friend,ask anyone and they will tell you that for them begin treated as equal and a "TOUGHIE" gives them greater happiness than being treated like a delicate princess. Although even the treatment of "Delicate Princess" is rarely observed (pun intended).I,being a woman myself have seen a lot of things that happen when Male chauvinists are around us. They can never sit behind a woman on a two-wheeler.. Let me ask you, HOW MANY OF YOU DON'T MIND SITTING BEHIND A WOMAN ON A TWO WHEELER?
They hate women who are more powerful than them.And seriously,they hate them with a vengeance.. Every time the woman does something,the male ego bursts like a balloon.Gritting their teeth hard,they always need a reason to get back at the women who succeed in being more powerful than them..I agree women cant pick up hockey sticks and start physically bashing up people, or they cant even be very tough at fighting, but why pick up fights with them just for one's personal grudges of power-play?

I don't say all men are chauvinists,but the ones who are ,are very staunch about it.And thats makes things difficult for people around.Personally,Ive been around a lot of good men and I really find them fun-loving and fun to talk to. I just wish all of them could get this chauvinistic attitude and male ego out of their minds,that would make it a better place for them to live as well.

Men who know they are chauvinists must remember that a woman cant do the things mentioned above, but that doesn't make a woman any weaker. And this world would be a better place for both sexes to live in peacefully if chauvinism from both sides (read:men) ends..I don't think people like me would ever post blogs like this then...

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Dear friends,

This is the first time Im blogging.Hope this goes well.Basically this was my brother's idea to begin a blog after i told him this funny story that happened in my college NIT Bhopal.
This incident happened during my DBMS minor project when i was in the 4th semester IT. As DBMS was my subject and Oracle 9i a compulsory tool to use for database(I still don't know why it was) ,we were asked to create an innovative project (not using C or C++,another head scratcher). So our team decided to use a back end server of ASP combined with SQL. Now we had five teams in my class,and everyone had pretty much geared up for it ,except for our team. Now finally after the laid back attitude of one and a half months ,the professor finally gave us the final date of project submission. Suddenly waking up from our siesta we pulled our heads together for the completion(read:beginning) of the project...Our project was basically one of having a database of movies where people connected through the LAN could insert their IP address corresponding to a particular movie and thus they could share movies within a hostel. Now i was mainly in charge of the database part . I started feeding in data at full pace..Now the problem that arose was that I didn't know how to save the insertion after I closed the program(Eyebrow raiser..I know). But to my surprise,no one in my class knew hoe to save the SQL insertion commands.. I didn't know then(now I do) that this was one of the most basic commands any SQL users should know.Luckily I met one of my seniors who happened to tell me that the command was "COMMIT;"..My brother had a hearty laughter when he heard this..And because of this and a lot of other reasons,he pities the scenario at NIT Bhopal.