Sunday, November 2, 2008

On an emotional high!! really feeling emotional right now.We guys had our 'Roobaroo' meeting today for the final selection of models for Adaa(the fashion show).After all that was done,we decided to go out to new market in the little hope for sponsors who could fund our garments for adaa..........I,Animesh,Akanksha ,Era and Monica had gone to new market. GT reached Bhopal and joined us. We went to two shops but efforts in vain. The later part was the best..We were going around in the market,laughing like total maniacs,And joined by Ashir,things got even funnier.WE saw this toy man selling that fake nose and specs where when we blow ,the moustache rises up and makes that noise.I bought it..And my godddd....after that i wore it throughout new market and making those noises..People really thought i was crazy>.It was just perfect..So beautiful ...Allof us together...The bond created between us.. It was soo touching to see such close friendship.such purity...Amidst all the laughter i had a little tear in my eye thinking of how pure can a moment be..How perfect..I was suddenly thinking how much will i cry when ill leave this college.Now im so attached to my college mates that i just dont feel like getting out of bhopal..And to the people who are not satisfied with bhopal,lemme tell u...i wouldnt have found my friends in my college,the sweetest hearts in this world..had it not been for bhopal..........Today was just perfect..Im touched.