Sunday, June 28, 2009


In the midst of being upset, I just happened to see the tags of my blogs,and i realized that I have the maximum tags are of a)Memories b)Happiness c)Change is Necessary.

Why the hell am i losing my cool if Im having a share of sadness in my life then?

Theory of Karma!

I was going to write a post with a lot of vengeance,but saved it in my drafts folder. Because when I was half writing it,I happened to mention about the theory of Karma,which said that if you do bad to others ,it will come back to you someday. So let the punching bag stay in my drafts folder forever.

And i dont know how many times i need to repeat this to make my mind feel better, but if you want something good in life, you pay a price, if you want something better in life, you pay a heavier price.

I dont know what am I having to pay such a huge price.For what?

I still have faith in Him.I know He has something in store for me, because in this world, everyone has an equal share of good and bad. Maybe i had a lot of good,just paying dues for the bad.