Thursday, December 29, 2011

Under Commit and Over Deliver

These two are going to be my motto for the year 2012.

1.Under Commit and Over Deliver.
This is something I really really want to work on. The infinite number of times that this has happened, I can't begin to explain.
I have the tendency to over commit everywhere. Be it work or friends, I end up over committing to such a huge extent and then I can't live up to it. At the end my friends are not happy, and because its work, I somehow manage to struggle and make it work. This leads to an imbalanced life. And why? All because I set unrealistic expectations for myself in the beginning of any project. So 2012, this is one aspect I need to try and work on.

2.No Harm Trying.
I was just discussing with Zubair the other day that there are so many things in life that we don't try even though the thought might have passed through our minds. Why? The dominating reason is generally that we give up. And we give up mostly because we feel we won't get anywhere with it. The feeling that we are not good enough always comes in the way of taking initiative. Like my friends who need to change their job but are scared of not being able to get any job. Like me, who wants to go for contemporary dance classes but am scared because I feel I might mess up my Bharatanatyam. The fact that I did not try it yet itself means that I am having pre conceived notions. The fact that I still did not get a nose piercing or a belly button piercing because I was too scared that it might not work out right. Some things are very little and random but we always stop ourselves from doing so. Riding emotion : Fear. So another motto for the year 2012 is going to be to just give things a try without thinking too much. If it feels right, it is right.

Monday, December 26, 2011

This month of December

You know this weird moment when you meet a friend after many years and all of a sudden you are in a loss of words? That happens with me whenever I take a sabbatical from blogging for a while. Even though I have so many things in my head all the time, when it comes to blogging after a long time, everything in the head seems in a mess. But let me go ahead and write anyway.

December is a very cozy month. I think its the worst month to work. I fortunately planned my work and took off a nice twelve day holiday and came to Ahmedabad. I think offices should just give a big, nice December vacation. The weather is always chilly, makes you want to wear socks in the house, sit on your bean bag and just drink a nice cup of Chai. And it feels even more awesome when your roommate comes with your blanket and puts in on you when you have fallen asleep on the bean bag.

December is all about reds and greens and whites and festivity.

December is all about Christmas and New Year Eve parties and planning for the New Year Eve Parties.

December is about looking pretty almost all the time. (I am a very winter fashion person. You ask me to wear one sundress and I'll be a mess. But if you ask me to dress up for winter, I use a lot of layers and create something nice)
December is about pretty scarves. Loads of them.

December is about boots. God, those boots I would die for.

December is about a lot of love. I have come to believe that November and December are the two best months for love. Just the whole winter feeling is very romantic.

December is about Plum Cakes and Wine.

December is about paper snowflakes stuck at every restaurant.

December is about the New Year Eve party. The happy dancing. The midnight kiss.

December is about being cozy and lazy and sleepy.

December is about sleeping at a very odd time during late afternoon and getting up when its dark. Even though its just some sevenish.

Who wants to work in the month of December now?

P. S : I was planning my New Year Eve dress. Looks something like this.

Have a great New Year Eve party Everyone!!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Whats the deal with the word "Opportunist"?

So I have been called an opportunist a few times in the past. To be honest, I have never taken it as a negative thing.

The weirdest thing is where it develops from. So I agree I am extremely bad at keeping in touch. And that is something I'm wanting to change. But somehow, people link that to me using opportunity (which I have never figured out how).

The reason why I got this thing in my head is because I just saw some Facebook article where people are calling Steve Jobs an "opportunist". I mean, Common people, spare at least someone in this world that tag and respect them for what they have done. Its all about capitalism people. There is no harm if he creates brilliant designs and sells it to the market for such a high price. People are free not to buy Apple if they don't like. But they do. Because the design is the key. And people pay a price for that. For those who don't like Apple, that's fine because no one is forcing them to buy an Apple anyway.

To be honest, its fine what they think. I mean, everyone in this world has the freedom to have an opinion. I got affected by it once and thought I'll change myself . But then I didn't know what exactly is it that I should change about myself?

I introspected and realized that I am going to be the same. People say I can do anything to "climb the ladder of success", which cracks me up sometimes because the only really successful thing I have done in my life is the day I decided to give my passion a chance. And yes, my family and friends in Bangalore had a big role to play in encouraging me for it. Had it not been for OT, I wouldn't have gone ahead with this. If you call this taking advantage of an opportunity, then Hell yeah.. I would always do that.

So its very important for me to exercise everyday, eat healthily, sleep on time , get up early. Now people think of that as being selfish. Of course I am. And I will always continue to be, because its really important to me. I know the people who respect me for keeping that. I know OT respects the fact. And those are the people who really matter.

Yes, so that's me. Its very important for me to spend time with OT, to exercise, to eat well, not to skip my dance classes, prefer sleep over night outs. Call me selfish, but its about my priorities.

In the end, there is a point where you realize you might try to make everyone happy, but people will still not be happy . So might as well make your priorities happy.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Birthday OT!!!

You know what I have in mind, you know what I'll say, so I wont...

(Now please look at this post, raise an eyebrow and say "Such is Life" and pose :P:P)

Happy Birthday!!!:)

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Dance of Anger


I'm getting a car. Thought of a two wheeler but no one in my house seems to be agreeable for it.

I have grown really thin suddenly. I'm trying to gain weight now.

I am reading this awesome book called The Dance of Anger and it talks about why women are angry and moody at most times. The primary reason for it is the fact that we are overfunctioners. We do so much for others that we have nothing left for ourselves. And then we get all angry. Because we don't get it back at the same rate as we give it. (especially men) . Now that again is not men's fault to be honest. The reason they underfunction is because you overfunction. And the reason you overfunction is because the man underfunctions. Its not important who started the dis balance in the first place. Whats important is how to prevent it.

The best way to prevent this life's drama is to stop overfunctioning for just a little bit. I know as women we generally have the tendency to make others happy, especially our men, go out of the way , sacrifice all our personal priorities and keep them as the most pampered people in the world. We might just so think that our sacrifice is taken with gratitude, but in reality the other person underfuctions. Its almost like you are doing the work for both. So stop complaining about your man being a jerk, start changing yourselves. You'll see the change in him as well.

The key in dealing with men is to stop trying too hard. Infact don't just try. Learn to function much much less than you normally would. And that will be the real key to a happy relationship.

So for all the women out there,
Dont try too hard and you'll be happy!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 4, Day 5 and Day 6

So my day 4, 5 and 6 have been very random actually. First of all, my Bharatanatyam class started with a bang . I have been cooking a lot of healthy stuff these days.

For example :
Ragi Rotis
Mix Fruit Smoothie
Different types of lentils such as Chole, Lobia and Chana.

I have a project with this company for the choreography of one song. Thats what I have been working on for the past two days. This time I want the choreography to be such that not everyone would be doing the same step at a time. There should be less uniformity.

Winter has started. I can feel it in the smell of the air . This is different from the cold that Bangalore usually experiences.

Oh ya, do try out ginger tea. Basically add a huge chunk of ginger after crushing it. It really really opens up your senses. Even if you have not slept for five days, you just can't sleep.

Further plans of group fitness with OT. Lets target swimming or jogging together. The whole idea makes me happy. Makes me feel like one of those living-in-the-country-side and doing these fun things together. Who says we can't have our bicycle-riding fun in the city?

This city is totally awesome. If I have the choice then I would like to grow old here. And have a dog here. Actually two dogs. And then keep their baby dogs too.

Yeah I talk like a grown up. I feel like a grown up.

Actually no..... I still am the bicycle-riding person. :)

I tried downloading the 7th season of How I Met your Mother. I got some random episodes in some random language. Anyway, looks like I'll wait for a few days till more episodes are aired.

Last thing, do try out the headstand. Its super awesome. It just reduces your belly fat at the snap of your finger.

Also try out the dolphin plank pose . I swear I did it for a few d
ays and I might be hallucinating but I can see those muscles on my abs. :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 2 and Day 3

So my later part of day 1 was completely crazy, because the whole day went in getting the garba dress and finally going for garba. I danced for about three hours continuously. I felt like steam was coming out of my face.

I finally came back and slept at 3.30am after dancing like a mad woman.
I got up at some 9am and lazed around for a while.
Did small productive things like adding beneficiaries to my NetBanking, deciding a layout for my visiting card, and making a poster for another workshop. And went for an afternoon siesta at 4pm and got up only at 9pm just to realise that it was time to eat and sleep.
That was all about Day 2.

Day 3, that is today , the 3rd of october, 2011, was quite a blast in its own way. Now my morning getting up schedule went to dogs because I was still trying to recover from the post garba sleep. I had my regular dose of Naariyal Paani , made food, went for a Salsa tryout with this dancer I met during my Garba workshop, met OT , came back and ate food again.
Oh by the way, I forgot to add, I tried a lot of stretches, hand stands, perfecting cartwheel etc along with the Salsa practice during the try out. It was fun.

Tomorrow is a good day because my Dance teacher is back from Singapore after a month. I can't wait to finally see her. :)

Time to sleep early, so that I make it to the class at any cost. :)

Goodnight readers!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 1 looks good


I made it.
I succeeded in getting up at 6.00am today.
As I told you earlier , my plans of getting up, exercising went all smoothly.

I had an elaborate breakfast of one boiled egg, a bowl of oatmeal with milk, two slices of toast with Nutrilite butter, and two guavas.

I also somehow ended up getting the time to wash all my clothes, drying them and folding the ones that dried.

So all these things happened till some 11.00am. I got ready after that and went to the rent shop to get my garba ghaghra on rent. I got that, had sumptuous Bengali meal of rotis and fish and got back. I'm almost set to get ready for the evening.

So yeah, this is Day 1. More updates tomorrow.

Friday, September 30, 2011

October Dawns

New month tomorrow. Time to accelerate progress.

Better health.

Better work culture.

Better routine.

Better organisational skills.

Time to get up early and starting the day with yoga. That means getting out of the bed by 6.00am. Very much possible.

Breakfast by 8.30am. Special breakfast recipes include my regular oats and milk, vermicelli upma with soya nuggets and a new recipe by my cook, The "Soaked Fried Chana " (SFC)

So Chana (Chickpea) is a very nutritious lentil which can be eaten just like that after soaking them overnight. It tastes somewhat like peanuts. For those who don't enjoy that taste too much, they can heat oil in a wok, and fry the chickpeas and add salt and pepper.

Drinking a lot of water throughout the day. My regular dose of one "Naariyal Paani" from my coconut vendor friend outside my house. (Ya, I'm good friends with them now, we chat about how they run their business and other stuff)

Plus, I'm going to dance this Navaratri in Palace grounds. I'm all excited. I'm even getting a ghaghra choli on rent because I did not carry a ghaghra choli to Bangalore.

The most important point being NOT to plan the whole day in your diary. The only routine that stays is morning yoga and breakfast.

Happy October everyone!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Before After

I had such a roller coaster day yesterday. You know those days where in the beginning everything wrong that could happen ended up happening. And the second half of the day suddenly came with a beacon of hope.

So the first half of the day starts like this.

There was this school were I was a part timer. I wasn't really enjoying the work so had been thinking of quitting it on and off. I even had a talk with the principal of that school regarding this. Yesterday afternoon they told me that they were looking to keep a full time dance teacher who can take regular classes and still need me for bigger projects. I didn't know whether to be happy or sad. Happy because I was finally out of stress but upset because one source of income reduced.

What followed was that I was supposed to go for my corporate show rehearsal and before that I was to transfer money to OT's account. Now I had two cheques both of different banks. To cut a long story short, basically I was running around for three hours to get the money transferred and finally couldn't even do that.

I come back all famished, only to realize I had forgotten to take my keys. Worse, my phone got switched off because of low battery. I had no option but to walk up to the company where my roommates work, hope to see some known faces and ask them to call any of my roommates. This process was also an elaborate one hour process which finally got over. Immediately after I came back I had to go to the place where my garba workshop was supposed to be conducted. I went there and took my roommate along. I told her we'll be done in some half an hour but it took a whopping 3 hours from 7pm to 10pm. But those were one of the best three hours. Anyway, it turned out to be quite an enlightening one. I met this guy who was a dancer who told me a lot about business strategies and tactics.

I was actually so dazed that I wanted to write all those points down.

Anyway, the day ended with blissful dinner with OT and Madhavi in my house, candle light and yellow lights across the balcony on the 9th floor , scenic view from the balcony.

And suddenly, everything in the world seems fine.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Why do we have bouts of negativity?

I thought of getting this negativity out of me. Like a disgusting virus that I would treat with yoga. Or an infection out of the body with medicines. I'm letting this be my medicine.

So I have been very very negative with everything around me for the past couple of days. I haven't yet been able to figure out what it is, but its eating me up. I thought I should blog about it, because as much as I don't gather strength to write down when I'm low, it is the truth that only blogging really helps me vent out all that is there inside.

So I have been very insecure lately. With everything around me. With OT. And sometimes I just feel its immaturity. In fact I ALWAYS feel it after I am done feeling that negative emotion. Has it ever happened to you that you feel so insecure about everyone around you? This ugly feeling that your friends have more important friends than you? And then to avoid that you try and cling on to them more, and that puts them off all the more. And then you get more annoyed and cling on even more.

And the cycle goes on.

The only way to break this cycle?

To get rid of your own shortcomings.

I mean forget ego, forget being right all the time. Whats more important right now is not to be important, but to understand that its OK to be wrong , as long as at the end of it you thank yourself for being wrong and correcting it.

Sometimes even when work goes on very well, and to avoid facing the problems that we are facing, we tend to hide in excess of work, making ourselves believe that working like mad will actually divert attention.

Sorry to burst the bubble, but it doesn't. It just waits for it to ferment inside, till it becomes so stale but you cannot get it out because its become a part of your skin.

That is exactly what I have been doing till now. Any problem, any shortcoming, anything that bothers me... I sink myself in work.

End result : Work has gone well. I haven't.

So I take a pledge this time. Next time I have a problem, I solve it then and there and then move on in life. And blog about it if I have the time, space and required tools.

How many of you are with me in taking this pledge? I hope to create an anonymous page where we can rant away all out problems, we can share with each other how to solve it , but never have to know who it really was.

After all, there is a huge part of all of us that does not like telling others if we have a problem. All of us are born in a way where we'll show we are happier than what we really are. I think its good in a way, its like Fake smiling.

When you are upset and still have to smile, you start feeling genuinely happy after sometime.

But lets get to the root of it this time. Lets make ourselves feel better . Lets be honest and get all the negativity out. Trust me, its Ok to be sad about something. We are human after all right. Just like we feel happy, we do feel sad,upset, insecure, negative, suspicious, impatient, intolerant.

I am saying all this because this is what I am (or was) experiencing .

And every time, blogging substantiates my belief of being therapeutic in nature.

So lets take a pledge together today, shall we?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wonders what A.R.Rahman must be thinking

You know I always ask people around... What will be going through A.R. Rahman's mind when he would listen to his own music piece. Would he be thinking "Wow, can anyone believe I'm such a prodigy" , or "How can I be so awesome?".

Have you ever thought of anything like this whenever you have done any work?

I haven't.

Anyway, I got a huge collection of all A.R.Rahman songs from a friend's external hard disk the other day. Not to forget the collection of How I Met Your Mother too, which has got me all fat and old because all I do is watch it all the time.

Its weird because in college I had decided not to watch any more TV series after F.R.I.E.N.D.S because a)I spent my entire one month vacation only doing that. And when I say ONLY. Imagine ONLY. I brushed and bathed in the evening. Slept for five hours, got up and started watching friends. It was a crazy addiction. But this seems to have started again.

Have you realised sometimes that when we try to make a point with valid arguments, we say "A)" and we don't either have a "B)" or end up putting some lame point. Zubair made me realize this once. And that is what just happened above.

My next book is going to be Shantaram. I have heard so much about it that I just have to grab the next copy. Wrapping up with my Luanne Rice's Summer Light.

I'm going to be a part of a Kannada movie dance sequence. I'll be travelling this week. Lets see how this goes.

And ya, if any dance readers out there, this is for you all. Rama Vaidhyanathan, the versatile Bharatanatyam dancer is coming to Bangalore on September 16th. I had seen her performance once before and I had blogged about it.
Its so weird. Exactly a year ago, I was thinking about whether I can live the life of a danseuse. And exactly a year later, here I am living it. :)

Check out her schedule on facebook.

And ya, please don't forget to check out my site :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

How one gets used to cooking their own food

Its been almost a year since I started living in this apartment of mine, along with five other roommates. And its been around five months since I started cooking my own food. And believe it or not, I really feel I can cook . I still have not tried making delicacies, mostly because I end up cooking a simple meal after coming back home tired. But my sense of proportion has very much improved.

Except for sugar and salt. These are two things I still flounder. I mostly blame it to my taste buds because I am used to eating less sugar and salt. So even the tiniest pinch of salt makes me feel like its enough, while the others around me always seem to find the salt less.

Anyway I'm back to my green tea drinking habit.

And I'm loving it. :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Time to get into the fitness mode

There was a time where I was a freak for fitness. I need to get into that mode again. But this time its not ambition to get the perfect figure, but to eat perfectly and sleep right.

Its high time I start taking care of myself. So many things have been happening that I have not got time for myself lately.

Many things right from drinking more water, to eating more fruits and vegetables , to sleeping more, to exercising more. All of it.

Ill try and blog daily about it to keep a check on how much I took care of myself.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

July is the fastest month

Did you know I used to come online on my blog almost everyday to read the blogs that I follow, but didn't just realized how fast July flew. It was just a few days back that I thought I wrote the last post. But anyway. Lets focus on what all happened this month.

First of all, I had a complete blast of a birthday this 7th. It was a surprise from a lo
t of people I had never expected. I know birthdays make one happy and all, but this one made me even happier than that, if you know what I mean.

My birthday though ended in OT leaving for the U.S. Temporary parting blues remained for a few days but I consoled myself saying that its just for a month anyway.

Its raining cats and dogs here right now. In Bangalore, when you say "cats and dogs" you actually mean " daily evening chores of sprinkling water in the city". Its weird. So weird. Good weird though. That every time you sweat a little because of the weather, it just rains. So perfect. I did not know something like that existed . I thought weather was just meant to be like a strict teacher and teach you the meaning of tolerance.

This month was crazy. I ended up choreographing two stage events, one for Bosch and one for the school where I teach as a part timer.
They were both brilliant events. I even put up the videos and photos

Oh ya, I bought a lot of gifts for Polly for her birthday that was on Jul 11th, but have still not posted it. Bad me. (Lets hope writing it down makes me courier it faster)

One thing that has not been going on well is my food habits. Because of over work. I have thinned down a lot and not in a good way. Also, I have become very
irregular in my Bharatanatyam classes. I am feeling very guilty about that and trying to make up for it by going whenever I can.Hopefully , because both these events are done, I can go more regularly .

On the last note, here are a few photos Zubair and I took from my balcony
. Thi
s is the view from my house. Didn't know how amazing it was until just now. :) Happy reading. (Zubair. Again, why are we fighting? :S:S)

P.S : Green tea still makes me happy.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Time to pen down thoughts

Its been many many days since I blogged last.Blogging is like smoking, you are never interested till you start smoking, and once you start it is difficult to stop. I think I had my share of not wanting to blog because I stopped blogging for a few days.

I dont know whether its just with me, but life tends to run so much faster when you don't pen down your journey. (or blog, in my case). I dont know how fast this month flew.

Loads of events happened by the way.

a)I got much better at cooking. I can cook good curry, sambar and other things.
b)I got part time jobs at two places in Bangalore. So getting stronger financially.
c) I met a contemporary dancer in my dance class who has been learning for the past seven years. She asked me to come to her troupe rehearsals for corporate shows. Couldn't be happier getting an opportunity like this.
d)My dance class is going on in full force.
e)I started reading the Mahabharatha and I can't get enough of it. So, I need to improve my knowledge of mythology to a great extent to be able to give dance exams.
f) Piah dance studio is going really well in the clubhouse. I have some fifteen students now. They all listen to me and really enjoy dancing. Unfortunately though, I slacked off in terms of expanding Piah Dance studio to other places. Also, my logo, receipt book and site are still pending which makes me really really guilty.

While my fingers were moving on the keyboard writing all this, I just realised how much I missed blogging. It makes me want to live up to the routine. But I need to take one step at a time.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Its been one whole month

I last blogged on May 6th. Its been one whole month. And honestly, I don't know how this month passed by. Everything happened really quickly. And not too much progress on my work. I was perfectly absorbed in doing my regular work. Wasn't able to create any little magic in this month. Plus, I was hoping to start blogging again. And here I am. Once again.

Friday, May 6, 2011

I don't feel like giving this one a title

There are so many things in my mind right now. I am feeling utterly cluttered in the head. Today was such a mix of good and bad things that I don't know what to write. Its like a thousand voices inside at the same time that I feel like closing my ears and asking it all to stop. I had a good start today. I helped my roommate exercise today first thing in the morning. Made some good breakfast and sat to work. I just happened to realize then how much I have slacked off this week.

My visiting card is not done yet.
I need to get a dance photoshoot done asap.
I have to get my website functioning.
I need to make a poster regarding a dance aerobics class for ladies.

Anyway, my day started pretty well, and I took a dance session for the kids in the afternoon, something that totally got my mind off all the things. They invited me to play basketball with them after the class got over. I taught them how to take a lay up shots. We did that for sometime and then they taught me to play throw ball. Did you know I have never played throw ball in my entire life?

I had a good time with the kids. I really enjoy being with them .An
d you can always be sure that they'll say whatever is there in their mind. And will NEVER judge anybody.

I had a momentary lapse afterwards when I heard that an IIT-Madras student committed suicide because his project was withheld for six months. I felt more strongly towards it because I have close ones who have gone through the same and I can put it in writing that they were one of the smartest people in college.

The worst part being that students are generally not withheld becaus
e they did not fair well or did not complete their project properly. Many cases where the professor just does not "like" the student or has some personal issues with him/her is taken out during projects. There are students getting 80% above in all subjects but withheld in projects. Something does not fit, because to believe that IIT would set theoretical papers that any not-so-smart person will be able to crack it is not something a prestigious institute like that would do.

Basically, this news brought my mood down a little. But coping up with it by listening to the piano version of songs by Aakash Gandhi on It is like therapy for me nowadays.

This is a picture of me when I was doing yoga some days back in my apartment. I took it on self timer so couldn't set it to full length.
Anyway, my dance academy has a student who is doing her arangetram tomorrow. I'm planning to wear my green and white saree to the event. I also plan to take my diary and make an entire list of everything I see there, full preparations.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy 150 posts!

Happy 150 posts to my blog. I started writing on 22nd May, 2008 and I can't believe I was persistent for three entire years. Wow, seems like a really long time now. Anyway, an ode to the posts.

I have ten students now in my dance class, and they are the best therapy for me. Yesterday could not have been gloomier had it not have been for them. Right from the morning, I did not practice well for my Bharatanatyam class, and hence made many mistakes. Previous evening, I had almost got a child to teach an entire dance sequence for a programme, but the family backed out because they realised that the event was meant only for the employees, not their family. After my class, I got back, feeling really exhausted. I came back, made breakfast with semi boiled eggs and milk-oats topped with papayas and mangoes, and started making lunch immediately. As if nothing was bad enough, but the vegetable-mushroom-soya suggets curry I had put to cook got burnt from the bottom. I pretty much gave up and decided that the best thing to do in such a case is to sleep off. I slept for an hour, got up only to realize that it was an hour left for my workshop and I needed to have a bath. But as we are still on the things-not-going-according-to-the-plan scheme, there was no water in my apartment. I just washed my face and ran to the class. And from this point onwards, everything written above does not seem like anything bad at all. Infact right now, when I'm writing those things, I'm wondering whether its even required or should I erase those things. Anyway, I waited for the kids to come.

The kids came in by 4.00pm . the greates thing about kids is that when you ask them not to be late, and come by 3.55pm, they are always so excited that they'll come SHARP at 3.55pm. And the way they smile at you, it seriously gave me another perspective in life.

The perspective that there are so many bigger, better things in this world that we can get happiness out of. And those bigger things come from little gestures. Like a child feeling so happy dancing, and getting confused whether to call you Didi or Aunty. I let them call me anything. Some of them even call me Mam. I'm fine with anything actually.

I got back after teaching them some steps, got back , had a nice warm water shower, dressed up real nice, and went strolling with OT. One of the greatest therapies when you feel low is to get dressed, wear pretty clothes and feel gorgeous. Once you do that, it really makes you feel better about yourself.

I slipped on my purple sleeveless top, a scarf which is black and white and graphics of pink, and a pair of baggy style black trousers which I completely adore.
I've put samples of what it looks like. (Could not find the exact replica on the internet)

At the end of the day, I was happy. The only thing that was missing was my stomach crunches.

On the ending note, I am becoming much better in doing my full flip .

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Organizing the mind and redirecting negative energies

Many things to write.
When I cannot put it in the right order, I write it in the form of list. As long as it gets out of my head and successfully put down on the blog, then my job is done.

- I conducted my first demo class for the summer workshop. Plus finished registrations. The best part about teaching kids is that they'll always, always love you. Plus, I got to meet a few working mothers who were demanding a weekend dance aerobics class to get them to move. Its not exactly dance I know, but it totally belongs to my category of Piah Wellness. I have always had in my mind to also do something in health and wellness apart from dance. Give them health tips, teach them different exercise techniques, explain the importance of exercise and good health , not just to look good, but to live longer younger.

- I ran around the whole day yesterday. From an early morning dance class to registrations of kids to printing the receipts . So after all of that being clubbed together, plus after cooking quite an elaborate lunch, I was pretty tired in the evening. So decided to take the time off and not do anything. I could have slept because I slept only for six hours that previous night. But instead, decided to watch some Friends, clean my room, have a nice warm water shower and drink a warm glass of milk. I drink milk or Horlicks in the night to induce faster and more blissful sleep.

- I was really happy yesterday because I ensured I did all the work on time and then slept off exactly by 9.45pm. I'm sure I would have entered deep sleep mode by 10.00pm. Got up today morning at 6.30am. After checking mails/blogs/facebook, I drank a bottle of water and exercised for an hour. After a long time, I have had time to exercise at my own ease and then cook breakfast at my own ease without knowing that I'll have to hurry anywhere.

A plate of cut fruits, oats and milk topped with papayas and two boiled egg whites with salt and pepper. It couldn't get better.

I know for sure that in moments of frustration or any kind of negativity, if we can transfer all the energy into exercise, nothing can be better. We would never get old that way. So my new resolution is to start doing stomach crunches or push ups whenever I feel anger inside me. Lets see how much I can tone up my arms or waist that way.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Feeling accomplished for the day's routine. Finally.

First things first. I just realized that I use the word "feel" a lot more than "think". I guess it has something to do with my INFJ characteristic taken from the Myers Brigg test. So I have stuck a chart on my wall behind my bed which has a time table where I have written that I'm supposed to sleep by 10.00pm and get up everyday at 6.00am. Dance classes in the morning on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the rest of the days get up and practice my full flip and aramandi.

In terms of health, to eat one spoon of flaxseed daily, drink 10 bottles of water, 2 cups of green tea.

I made that chart and conveniently ran off to Bandipur. All routine to dogs. I did what we call the EXACT opposite of following the routine. But then, I also got back and got to shape.

And when I say shape, I mean started shedding all the extra fat from my thigh accumulated from the overeating at Bandipur.

So today, for the first time in a long long time, I ate dinner by 8.30. Went for my dance class in the morning, practiced aramandi for sometime. For the people who dont know what aramandi is, in Bharatnatyam the half sitting position with your hands on your waist and legs bent so as to form a V is called Aramandi. That is the basic step of Bharatnatyam. Something like Sa Re Ga Ma of Music. But its definitely tougher than that. The pure shivering of your thighs, the bending forward of the upper body , the excruciating pain you feel directly in your thigh muscles, which screams and says you can do no more.

But thats the catch. Once you go past that excruciating pain, the dance is as beautiful as the effort put to get your aramandi right.

So as happy as I am right now in accomplishing the day's routine, I just realized its already 10.45pm and I'm past bedtime. Damn.

Oh last thing, I got wet in the rain today. It felt so amazing looking at everyone hunting for a shelter and I was walking in the rain and listening to music. Plus, luckily I saw this boiled corn guy so took a cup of hot,steaming corn and started walking in the rain again. Long time since I did that. I know it might not seem like a big thing, but it felt so perfectly liberating. Like I broke all the norms and shackles of right and wrong and decided to go the rebel way.

Time to pack up.
Goodnight readers.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Best time to blog

My dinner is getting ready. The rice has got cooked and the dal palak has been put on the wok. I dont know how long will it take to cook. So I have mainly been travelling since the last time I blogged. A few of us went to this place called Bandipur National Park , 5-6 hours from Bangalore. 2 days 1 night. It was an amazing trip. Which also resulted in me sleeping the whole of Monday. Somehow I didn't want to lose track of blogging, so decided to write something.

Also, one thing I discovered today. When you don't practice for five continuous days, and then suddenly go to your dance class.. Forget expecting appreciation for your dance, it will be commendable if you can finish an entire bharatanatyam item at one shot perfectly without panting.

Fingers 'n' Feet

The summer workshop poster is out. Will blog about daily updates later.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Its finally here. The promo video .

My dance workshop got over. And it went really well for my debut. Hardly any profit in the first event, but at least I covered the cost incurred to the conduct the event.
Right from the choreography, the thought behind which dance step to keep which will be easy by a non dancer, and at the same time ensuring every step could be broken down into segments so that it is understandable.

It was my first experience. So I can still see amateur quality in the choreography, the video too.
No regrets at all. Because however be it, I'm going to continue making more videos. And now, my videos will focus on performance rather than events. For the time being at least.

Plus the promo video gave me quite a tough time because it had been long since I had worked on Movie Maker. Nevertheless. I'm proud of it. Here is my first promo video .
Things left to do now are
1)make a visiting card
2)make a website.
But anyway, glad I stayed up and finished this video.

I finally made a start. :)

Do give me suggestions on how to improve the videos and video making style.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 8 : It is very easy to sleep when you have work

And easy to blog too. Just like how it happens for all of us during exams, where we are at our creative best, our health best and suddenly we are worried about our skin and health and the things we want to do that we love most. And somehow, we end up forgetting all about it immediately after our exams are over.

Same is the case with me right now. I need to rush outside for promotion and I'm so conveniently learning CSS and editing an image on photoshop to put as my header. After a tough battle with myself, I got myself to get up, leave those things half way done, ate food and started getting ready.

Now, its raining outside. A sudden respite from the terrible heat Bangalore is getting. Not that I should complain much because I have lived in cities like Ahmedabad, Bhopal,Mumbai and Hyderabad where the heat doesn't seem to detach from the cities. Looking at the weather now, I am getting the tendency to slack off again and go to sleep.

But if I do this today, my workshop will be unsuccessful tomorrow. Lets do this today. Lets finish all the jobs and get some good sleep after the workshop.

The fight starts today.

Will I be successful in getting enough people to my workshop?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 6 : Never forget hidden costs

One important advice. When you plan something, DO NOT forget overhead costs.
Also, never ASSUME you'll get something at concession.

Rookie Mistake for the first event I am organizing.

My challenges now are
a) Get at least 15 people for the workshop just for break even.

And no, I'm not thinking of charging more or getting profit, because I just want to see whether this concept works.

So, my plans of conducting this event for two days got pretty much ruined. Finance wise things didn't seem to fit. So I had to push the event to one day for 3 hours straight. I don't know how it will go, and lets hope I break even.

Here is my poster for this event.

Fingers crossed. :):):)

Lets hope I can get a breakeven.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 1 : What I learnt . Marketing Strategies

Day 1 My pseudo stint as an event manager. Well, not entirely an event "manager", but more like a sponsorship getter, if thats even a word.

I made a list of all the possible questions regarding details of the event, got it clarified, prepared a budget break up and what we can offer to the sponsors, got ready and headed off to one of the busiest streets in town.

Brigade Road, Bangalore.

I went to around 20 showrooms/franchise/ shops which included places from banks, handicraft items, antique piece showrooms, watch showrooms, hotels, photo studio, gold loans, and I did not even spare government registered emporiums.

To my surprise, I got really good response from a lot of people. The bigger brands just ended up giving me their card with their manager's e-mail address asking me to send them my proposal.

But some shops where I went were totally interested and were really friendly. I never got even a single person signalling me to get out or stop disturbing him or anything.

It was like a nice cushion for the fact that I had just collected the material, and without an agenda or a particular shop to go to, my randomness looked quite positive.

Another thing that I understood in this field is : You'll meet different kinds of people, some may be truly business minded and will ask you " Isme hamara faayda bataao", or people who expect smooth talking like "Considering your product will attract art lovers the most" etc. Also, always remember that if you are girl, you'l also have to deal with over-friendly shopkeepers , if you know what I mean. Essentially, don't take anything to heart, and if you get compliments , there is no need to get offended... Just take it :)

Somehow I didn't even mind those over-friendly shopkeepers, they seemed completely harmless.. and in fact they were really nice people.

I got back, with 20 visiting cards, lets see how "The Proposal" goes. But happy to have a good start at least.

Can get some peaceful sleep tonight. Except if I get dance dreams again.

Early morning, time to get up and get going

I got up a little early today. Even in spite of not having my dance class today morning.
So I have a few things to do for my agenda today. Today's main agenda is getting sponsorship for this programme of my dance class . There is an event happening in July for which I need sponsorship worth 2L. Ive done some small level sponsorship in my college where I did not get too much either. Infact I hardly got anything out it. Thats why I thought I venture in for a few days and see how successful I can be at getting sponsorship.

Secondly, I have my regular dance class today evening. Before that, I need to finish my regular stretching, the aim for being able to do a full split . Shockingly, yesterday after I got done with my stretches and cooled down, and when I sat for dinner, I saw a few scars on my knee, the ones you get when someone punches you or you hit some object very hard. Like a blood clot. It was pretty scary and the spookily the first thing I remembered was the movie "Black Swan". And ouch, the scar hurts a little. But as most experienced dancers say, if you can live with the pain like nothing happened and continue dancing, the pain will go. I am not a firm believer of that in many cases. I believe it works when you have an internal ailment, like fever or cold. But if your bones are damaged, let them rest for sometime before messing with it.

Ironically, the same person who is saying this ended up practicing for 6 hours straight before the dance auditions with a damaged ankle and succeeded in reducing the pain. I just dont understand how the human anatomy works.

Anyway, these days I have got totally obsessed with dance. I dont remember a single night after coming back from the auditions where I haven't dreamt of being auditioned . And surprisingly, everytime I seem to be getting selected in every dream. Seriously weird as I thought I got over the whole auditions thing, got back to Bangalore and started planning of what to do next.

By the way, I am planning to conduct my first ever dance workshop in my apartment itself. I plan to schedule it next week. I need to get a flyer ready so that I can stick it all around my Apartment complex. I am still finalising on he dance style and which audience to target.

Fingers crossed.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Aim for the next one month

a) Learn to do a full split
b)Learn to do a cartwheel
c)Post both on youtube and be be proud of yourself :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Now that was my first reality show stint

I had been vanishing from blogging for the past one month. Not that I was completely busy, but I chose to keep shut about the experiments I had been doing with my life.

Now that the experimenting is over , at least the one I was in, I decided to talk about it.

So here is the entire story of my first reality show stint.

I had gone home for a couple of days after quitting my job, and my mom saw me dancing at home. She asked . "Why don't you take part in some dance competition?" It sounded like a good idea to me, considering I wasn't doing anything apart from enjoying being unemployed anyway. After looking up on the net, we saw this dance competition called Just Dance that was a TV based dance competition going to be hosted and aired on Star Plus. The Bhopal auditions were going to be held on the 4th March, 2011. I was anyway planning on going to Bhopal to attend the Tech Fest of my college. Anyway, I decided to just go and give it a shot. I had zero preparations on me. I hadn't in fact even started attending my dance classes then.

This is the first time I understood how things work in a reality show, how to face the camera, how and what is looked for from you in a reality show.

Day 1 , 4th March ,2011 : I landed at the Venue, State Museum of Bhopal where the auditions were supposed to be taking place. I didn't have my song edited nor the choreography done. I got done with that somehow. After waiting for seven hours in the scorching heat and realizing that no one else had come to the auditions just wearing a pair of jeans and a black top, I surrendered even before entering the auditions and knew I can't get through. But I went and gave the auditions .. And somehow I scraped to the second round called the TV round. This round was essentially a recording of your dance that they would send to Mumbai to be judged and will come back to you if they like your dance.

22nd March, 2011 : Got the call for the next round of selection .

29th March, 2011 : Reached Kolkata. First round here was called the TV round part 2. Got through that. Second round was the Producers round. I had prepared a contemporary dance on "Kahin To" from the movie Jaane Tu ya Jaane Na. The producers told me my strengths lies in Semi Classical and that I should not attempt dancing on Contemporary if I haven't been trained in it. I clear the producers round somehow. They tell me to dance on a semi classical number. I go roaming in Kolkata at 10 in the night hunting for a semi classical/bharatanatayam dress. Found something somehow, got back and slept off with my makeup on. Did not even choreograph for the song.

30th March, 2011 : I get up at 6 in the morning with a start realizing that I haven't decided the song yet. I make my decision to repeat some song Ive done before and square in on "Iktara" from the movie Wake up Sid. I just put a few Bharatanatayam steps in between so that it starts looking like a semi classical number. I get ready, edit the song and reach the venue at 8. My aim was to choreograph the song in the mind while I was waiting for the judges to arrive. The judges by the way were Farah Khan and Vaibhavi Merchant. And ya, this show is called Just Dance, if I forgot to mention it earlier. Anyway, I choreographed something while everyone was waiting in the line . These people were the 80 finalists selected from the east region which included Hyderabad, some people from Bhopal and a lot of people who had come from the Kolkata first round of auditions itself. Anyway, this round was quite a screw up for me , Ill tell you why.
I had anyway already surrendered for this round because all the people I met there had previous experience in other TV reality shows. And I even watched their dance, they were too much better than me anyway. More experienced, more trained. It was going to be an impossible task just getting out in a dignified way, I just didn't want to end up making a fool of myself.

The moment came for me to enter the stage. I went there and was pretty cool in spite of seeing Farah Khan and Vaibhavi Merchant being there to judge me.

I did my first semi classical performance after which Vaibhavi Merchant said she thought I had something in me. Then she asked me whether I knew some other styles, and then asked me to dance on Sheila. Now because I had just finished dancing on a semi classical, my body was still in that semi classical stage and I ended up dancing on Sheila just like another Semi classical performance to which Farah Khan told me that I might have been one of the best dancers in my region but right now I was not even close for this competition. I smiled and agreed, because I myself knew how much I had to learn . I took that in the right spirit and left with a wonderful experience and a hope that I will become a better dancer, learn more.

And back I am to Bangalore, my first stint in a reality show.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The minor setback that led to a positive me.

Today was essentially an productive day. Well, I wouldn't call it totally unproductive, because even if it began with a major headache, a bad cold and fever, and which was followed by my bouts of crankiness and whining about how nobody cares about me, it ended in me feeling that I needed to wake up and start doing something about my life. I was neatly aware of the fact that I needed to make some changes in my life to make things work. To make myself more disciplined, to get into a routine , to take charge of my life. And till I don't feel proud of myself, Ill always feel that others around me think low of me. The problem lies not in them, but in me. But this problem wont stay for long. Just the time to get up and get going.

The only little thing I'm scared about is the bad karma generated after removing my bouts of temper on others. I know results of karma, be it good or bad, hits me faster than I think. Like a reflex action.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Im not working.. Im whining

I'm down with a bad cold, have been planning a few things for the past few days to finish. Since I came back to Bangalore from an India trip, I had decided Ill take enough initiative and join dance classes and then look for a job.

a) Ive just started looking for dance classes, which hasn't gone very well
b) My portfolio is nowhere near to be made
c) I haven't even chalked out a plan to what types of job to look at. Leave alone applying to any of them.

The few attempts I made in the past few days were all unfruitful . Every night I would come back home whining that things didn't work out my way, but do you want to know why it REALLY didn't work out? Its because I didn't try enough.

You know when sometimes in life, you try something but you already know you wont get it, the effort is less than half because you are defeated in the mind. I dont know why I am having this.

Thats where I turn to blogging, because I know that this is the only place which will get my thoughts together, get my act together and take the initiative, be pushy.

I need to get out of my comfort zone and take the initiative.

And yet again, typing down the thoughts does relax my mind . Im glad

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Eight months and a bundle of attachments..

I felt really sad today. Extremely Sad. It all suddenly looked like it was all for the money. I admit that there was a time when I joined here where I felt that they pay me less, but eight months here and a lot of exposure to the work and responsibility really made me feel that maybe it wasn't about the money anyway. Its just been eight months in this place, and I already responsible towards the company. Now I understand why people like A.K treat this place like their baby.
Looking at so many people wanting to leave just because some other place makes me feel sad. Makes me feel why everyone is running after the money. I agree you should change your job if you think your job is not good enough. But to be honest, I quite liked my job a lot. Me, someone who loves having things in action, does not like sitting on my desk, likes dancing, managing events is saying this. There must have been something about this job that made me stick around for so long without complaining. A few days of low obviously were there, but who does not have those days?

I might have decided to move on to explore my other talents, but if anyone with a job is reading this, please remember

Do not try to look for a job that pays you more. Look for a job that gives you greater satisfaction.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Did I make a difference?

I had one of my introspection days today. I think it started because I saw someone in this company who made a big difference to the company. I'm talking about A.K. I couldn't be happier and more proud of him when a colleague of mine came and told me how much he has heard about his work in this company. I have always known A.K to be a very hard worker and he is sincere in whatever he does. Just like the Bhagvad Gita says that Duty always comes first, he is a firm believer of it. So this guy I was talking to was all praises about A.K and how he contributed a lot to the company.

Its just that at that moment when I was feeling so happy and proud of him, I kept having this recurring thought... How much did I contribute to the company? Did I make any difference in these 8 months that I was here to anyone/anything?

I know I have decided to go ahead with my plans of doing what I like to do. But I was just very thoughtful today.I think all of us, to some extent want to feel important. Want to make a difference. Want to feel valued. Its not just about the importance you might get from the people around you, but I think its essential for oneself. One needs to feel proud of themselves, and not feel like another couch potato whose being or not being did not make any difference to those around you.

I think a few things are important for the well being and constant morale boost of every individual.
Ask yourself this.

Did your presence cause impact of any sort to your company?

Honestly, I don't have an answer for myself for this question . I really want to believe that I did cause some difference to the company. I know I might not have. But I know I want to make a difference wherever I am.

No qualms, its always a new beginning.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I took the plunge!!!

There are going to be big changes in my life. Im not sure how prepared I am for it.

I resigned.

Ya, I know its shocking. But I just resigned. I knew this was not what I wanted to do all my life.
Another month in this company and I'm off, to discover all the hidden ways to happiness in life.

Lets see what I have in my platter, I'm going to try my luck at event management, begin with my dance and finish the aim of finishing Arangetram by the time I'm 25 (That might stretch I know, but lets see how fast I can do it). Apart from this, I'm really in the mood to experiment a lot of random things like planning a fitness center, trying out Yoga/Dance Aerobics.

This comes as a shocker for most people around me because whenever I tell them I quit this company, the first question I'm asked is "Which company did you shift to?" or "Which company are you going to?".

Somehow me telling them "I'm not going anywhere, I am just taking a break from this hustle-bustle and then trying my luck out at other things" is taken with a pinch of shock. Although, there have been a lot of my friends who couldn't be happier for me because I took this risk, but there is a set of people who think its not a very good idea.

Whether its a good idea or not, only time can tell. I want to know from life whether its just money that can buy you happiness or the satisfaction of what you do. I have taken the plunge, I quit my job. I'm all on my own. Ready to face the world. Now whether the world kicks me or embraces me in its arms is something I am yet to figure out.

Good luck to me!!!

Confessions of a Shopaholic!!!

I must went a little overboard I must say. But I have no regrets whatsoever. :)
These are some of the things that I bought during the New year Eve.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Twas a very good day...

The first half didn't go that well because of my laziness. But second half compensated for it all.
Did a few things :
Called up the dance class. Not luck on that front yet.
Bought a cot finally.
Put curtains in my room.
Bought a lot of food stuff for the week.
Cleaned my room completely.
Got my shoes repaired.

Thats quite a lot of stuff for today.

I'm too sleepy now, so will write about my day in detail tomorrow, hopefully after getting back from office.
Monday tomorrow, I'm sure the Monday Morning Blues are going to hit me again. Need to crack it by getting up and going to the gym.

Thats all from my end for the day.

Oh before I go..
Health Tip of the Day : Fenugreek (Methi) is the best cure for hair fall. Just start having the water in which fenugreek seeds are soaked overnight. I might be buying fenugreek in a few days. Will post updates about how effective it is for my hair.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A bright, new, happy 2011 !!!

I have so many things to write today. So I went about it by jotting down all the points I wanted to write before I forget. This substantiates the fact of my fetish for making lists.

I had a very happy New Year's Eve party last night. I danced like crazy. And suddenly I realized that its the most fun thing dancing with A.K. Everything suddenly becomes bliss. I know he is not a big fan of dancing. But I also know that he doesn't mind dancing once in a while with me. I was just a little worried towards the end because Popat became unwell. Also that I lost my clutch that had my debit card and my license. (Zufair : I know. This must be making you really happy. This is still nothing compared to the four cards you lost in six months)

Still, somehow these little roadblocks didn't stop me from feeling happy about the New Year Eve party. I think because it had a lot to do with the fact that I had all my close ones in Bangalore (Zufair was missing though :(..I wish he had been there too.) , the blissful dance with A.K and the final countdown to 2011. Honestly, after that precious moment when the crowds shouted "5..4..3..2..1", I became so emotional that I started crying. It just takes a drop of the hat for my tears to start rolling.

On this note, I want to make a special mention of A.K who has made my journey in Bangalore really special. Sometimes in life you need a cushion, to fall back on when you know the world slaps you with a hard hand. I have so much faith in him, because I know I have him in my life. There is immense happiness and tonnes of happy tears when I'm with him. I'm so glad that there's been a great beginning for 2011. I'm so glad that even the little fights we have had has never let me stop seeing the big picture, and realize there are more important things in life than winning some petty fight. And as I mentioned before, I've never loved dancing with anyone as much I have loved dancing with you.

This New Year Eve party involved me doing a lot of shopping. I have A.K's Canon Powershot SX110 IS which is THE best thing I could have in my hand. I took pictures of all the dresses and shoes that I bought. Will upload once I get the data cable from him. Also, along with those dresses, I suddenly got the mood to try out different styles of clothing from whatever I have in my wardrobe. How it all started was, I was watching these "How to dress in Style" videos on And seeing these girls team up simple t-shirts with belts and looking like style icons inspired me to do the same. Fortunately, I succeeded in creating one top-jeans-shoes-belt combination which looked pretty good. Anyway, I clicked pictures of me wearing them.

Adding to my list of things that I need to do in the next two days includes inquiring about my lost clutch, my lost driver's license, and getting a new debit card. I'll be joining dance classes soon.

Adding to the New Year resolution list :
1)Get a professional photoshoot.
2)Dont let people treat you like a pushover(Learn to be firm and ward unwanted people away).

Music I'm listening to :Beyonce, Irreplacable (Spanish version)

Book I'm reading : Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger

Weird Fact of the Day : When you type "add" in T9 on your mobile, the first word that it gives you is "bed". ( I don't know how "bed" is a more common word than "add"... Don't want to think deeper into this though. (chuckle))

Health Tip I just learned : Just found out that lycopene, found in tomatoes are absorbed in the body only if you take in with a little amount of fat. The best suggestion is to add a little olive oil to the salad. Time to buy Olive Oil I think.
Also, I oiled and steamed my hair. Lately I have been having more bad hair days than good ones. Soon , I plan to visit the dentist and the dermatologist to get myself checked.

Finally, I'm taking this moment to thank all the people who were there for me in 2010. In no particular order :Zubair ,Urvi, Alfan, Prerna, Amar, Indu, Animesh, Amit, Farah, Vivek, PU, Tirus, Smriti, Sonali, Harsh Mishra, GT, Pratham, Goli, Polly, Mom and Dad, Abhishek,juniors like Monika, Rakesh, Manju, the gujjus Amit, Megha(the biggest Gunti), Rekha (the biggest Drama Queen)..the IT Folks : Nandu, Chansal, Apurva, YK, Ritika and others, my basketball team: Sarita, Rachna, Siddhant, Rekha and all the others in the girls and guys team, Work people like Kranthi, Anup, Supriya, Madhavi, Komal, Jigisha, Madhurita, Ramya, Komal, Renjit, Vimmy, Eswar, Sumesh,my blog twin Anurag aka Lavinor.

And finally A.K... for giving me all the happiness I ever wanted.

(I apologize if I forgot a few names.. It might just mean that you were very important but always there.. so didn't click in my head)