Wednesday, August 13, 2008

27 days to go Rippling!!

Its twenty seven days exactly for our annual literary event 'Ripple '08' to start.All excited,work going on with full force,loads of challenges ahead,there is extreme enthusiasm amongst us. We can't wait for the event to start,something we waited for the last two years. A dream ..finally getting fulfilled.!
Ripple is an annual event organized by Drishtant,the literary society in our college. And the reason why the event is so popular is not only because of the event itself,it is also because of what Drishtant is,and what it taught us in life. It taught us to work like a team,like a family ,and work together for a cause . And Ripple will help us come closer .
I have completed 50% of my undergrad education,and I would be gone from here in the next two years..or rather next one and a half years. And I would'nt be with the college anymore,busy in my job or further studies. But the things that will remain are the memories....

Do what you fear the most.!!!

What are your worst fears?The heights,the depths or the darkness?Or is it stage fear?What phobia do you have?

I read in one of th self help books that one should always learn to do that that they fear the most.

If one fears the heights,go bungee jumping.
If one fears the darkness,close yourself in a room for sometime.
If you fear the stage,promise yourself you will speak in public the next time an event in class or your college comes up.
If you fear relationships,get into one.
If you fear falling in love,fall into it and get up.
Fight your worst fears till you've fought and won.

Promise yourself that you would try this the next time you face challenges in your life.