Saturday, August 9, 2008

Are you FIT?

Are you one of those who have belly fat?Can you call yourself an obese?Do you exercise less than one hour a week including walking to college?Then this one is for you .

I know this one is going to be skipped by most of you who laze in your chair surfing the net (reading blogs) ,but this one is for you guys the most. Today's world has totally forgotten the importance of staying fit and staying healthy. Year after year, more and more diseases have been coming up and inflicting people with its virus,most of which is because of obesity. One of the most dreadful disease that it is in itself, it is also the main cause of bringing other diseases along with it, major cause of which is reduction of immunity levels in the body. There is a reason why gyms and swimming pools are flooded (literally) with people .

There is a percent of people who understand the grave need of staying fit and not increasing the probability of hitting diseases at an earlier age, but good and bad always go hand in hand,because of which the number of ignorant souls have increased with the same leaps and bounds. I decided to write this blog to create awareness and tips of how you can make little changes in your daily life and stay fitter,stay healthy.

1)Remember,you are what your genetic make-up is made up of. So there may be a few things you might not be changed. But research shows that with regular exercise you can change upto 70% of the diseases that could otherwise have been passed on by your ancestors.
2)Weight of people with the same height can differ because of their difference in bone density.A better and much effective way to check whether your weight is under control or not is BMI (Body Mass Index).
Calculation of BMI is as follows:
Its formula is Weight/(Height in meters)^2 (In SI Units)

Category BMI range - kg/m2 BMI Prime Mass of a 1.8 metres (5 ft 11 in) person with this BMI
Severely underweight less than 16.5 less than 0.60 under 53.5 kilograms (8.42 st/118 lb)
Underweight from 16.5 to 18.5 from 0.6 to 0.74 from 53.5 and 60 kilograms (8.42 and 9.45 st/118 and 132 lb)
Normal from 18.5 to 25 from 0.74 to 1.0 from 60 and 81 kilograms (9.4 and 13 st/130 and 180 lb)
Overweight from 25 to 30 from 1.0 to 1.2 from 81 and 97 kilograms (12.8 and 15.3 st/180 and 210 lb)
Obese Class I from 30 to 35 from 1.2 to 1.4 from 97 and 113 kilograms (15.3 and 17.8 st/210 and 250 lb)
Obese Class II from 35 to 40 from 1.4 to 1.6 from 113 and 130 kilograms (17.8 and 20.5 st/250 and 290 lb)
Obese Class III above 40 above 1.6 above 130 kilograms (20 st/290 lb)
(According to

3)Physical exercise is not done only for improving physical appearance ,but also for improving your stamina. Test for Stamina: CAN YOU CLIMB TEN FLOORS OF A BUILDING AND STILL NOT BE TIRED? If you can do that,then you are going the right way towards a fit life. But if not,then your lifestyle needs serious changes.

4)A lot of people (students specially) thinks its uncool to think of physical fitness and taking care of your health.
MYTH 1: College students are still young and have a high rate of metabolism.
FACT 1: College students are the ones who want to look the best.

Its time people to take a quick look at yourself and see whether you can be considered a fit person or not.
If you're among the 90% students of your college who do not care about physical fitness (In your language :I dont "wanna" care).. Take a good look at yourself and think.!!!

(Coming up with tips in my next blog)