Thursday, October 30, 2008

Its already happening!!

It was just yesterday when I was absolutely tensed with frustration because of the slow progress happening in mood-I work. Plus i was so busy organising adaa(the fashion show) and spectacular spectacular (dance drama) that I totally forgot about my own dance preparations. And today has been a really productive day for roobaroo. Our designs are finally complete for the round 1.It only needs to be given to the designer to sketch. Second thing,i contacted a dance teacher in bhopal named Bharti Humbal. And all thanks to the pushiness and perseverance of Aashir that today happened. He got her number from his friend and asked me to call her. And i did and she asked me to come to her place at 5.30. I went with Aashir and we talked about my solo classical dance in mood-I. And she wanted to test me to see how much I know.And i performed a little something....And the best part was that she found me talented.She said Im good,and I just need practice to polish my talent.GOd!!!This was the best news for me.I thought after leaving classical dance,the whole grace towards bharatanatyam is gone. But it seems like it is not true. I think i can still make it. AND IT seems like the first stepping stone to my dream. And this is all because of Aashir,without whom I probably wouldnt even have contacted any teacher for a lot of days. And i really learnt one thing from him,that in life if you want to get some work done you should A)Have good contacts whom you can call and ask for people regarding your work who can help B)Keep being pushy till you know the work is done,even if it involves calling up someone in the middle of the road when you are driving..
God this is a really nice day. It feels like something has finally begun..!!!