Sunday, February 15, 2009

Is control over yourself always the answer?

Does one always have to control what they think or feel?Doesn't it ever happen that for once you feel like surrendering to destiny? Or surrendering to what you think or feel? Instead of trying to capture those emotions into one big prison,because you think thats the way it should be......or if its the other way round,it might end up harming you??

Although sometimes after one has surrendered,one might face failures and then look back and wonder whether they took the right decision in the first place..So its upto oneself to think what is more important.........those cherished moments that live forever,even after knowing that failure has happened?Or "strategize" so perfectly that one ends up preventing....and Curing doesn't get a chance at all?

Once bitten,twice shy....I know that.. But what if one doesn't want to think at all?