Wednesday, April 8, 2009


God.....Soo much pressure at one go. Unix,the subject has grilled my head,the final project report,fully bound,with lamination has our guide's pen marks on it.  Reason???Correction in a few errors...God ....750 bucks.. has to be remade. Solution:We will just stick pages on top of it..Result:Untidy report. Too much course for the exam.. Plus the hostel gate closed at 8.30 today.Couldnt go out to meet someone. I am feelin irritated right now,tied down,frustrated...Annoyed is more like the word. 


Silver lining: The fact that im venting out myself is already making me feel better.  I got the negtivity out.. 
Another advantage of blogging you see..

I still wish to scream out thats its all out of my system..

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thanks buddy..this meant a lot...seriously!

Sometimes you feel you are losing out on friends,and suddenly they all come in front of you,back to you,like as if they never left you in the first place. I felt truly special today. And trust me,nothing could have made me feel soo much better than what I felt after talking to one of my really close friends,and btw,im proud to say that i havent lost all my friends.. Im back on track,injured,hurt, but survival is the key to this world.

 I realised that I still have most of my special friends with me,and all this while when i kept crying for the lost ones,i forgot about those who were still there.I have nothing to cry now,ive cried enough, but wont anymore. Im all geared up for my exams now,and i realised that i can study only if i am happy. The friend gave me a lending ear,to all my problems,related to my minor project,exam preparation, exam schedule ,internship help....everything i could get help with. I just felt soo good venting myself out. And now i feel so much more relaxed now. So much contented. I now know how it feels to lose out on people....and how it feels when you realised that you actually didnt lose them.

 Thanks buddy,it felt really great to have you back. This one is for you!!!