Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kashmir:The question still remains

To go or not to go,is the issue that Kashmir is dealing with at the present moment. This is in reference with the TOI article on the front page dated August,24,2008. Was the Amarnath shrine issue and the fight for the No Man's Land not enough that this incessant poll on whether the country should let go of Kashmir or not?I'm trying to be liberal in my thinking ,but this pol just doesn't get down my gullet. Either the country has realized that keeping a state has become a matter of debate,not a matter of fact,or probably the urban areas haven't yet realized urgency of Kashmir as a unsettled fatigue issue rather than self determination.

Pamper is such a doll!!

Yesterday we found this absolutely cute kitten in our courtyard. It was black and patches of white.The best part was that it was not scared of anyone..It came near to my leg and started purring .I picked it up and brought it to my room,gave it milk made out of milk powder .After that it went off to sleep.Today morning,she randomly went to everyone's rooms looking for food.Shilpi took care for it the other half of the time when I wasn't.In the afternoon it jumped on my bed and slept for around three hours. I have a picture of her. I have named it 'Pamper'.