Friday, August 22, 2008

Injured:Day 4!

I think I'm getting used to walking with this blue plaster on my leg. I gave my test,which went really well,thanks to YK(my classmate) for helping me revise the entire course in the morning.I had a Ripple meeting,whose preparation is going really good. I came back and slept like a log till 8.00pm at night. Nothing new today,except for the blog written below this,on the insistence of my best friend,who,like a fool,will agree to read my blogs only if he sees something written about him. He is really mad you know.Further updates later.Enjoy!

Treasured memories!

I was twelve years old.I studied in the 7th standard. Because I was really weak in Social Studies,my mom decided to send me for tuitions. A few other students of my class used to come there. There I found my best friend and the most adorable sweetheart on this earth. He was cute,charming,handsome and also a flirt. That was a time when I never talked to guys and thought you end up spoiling yourself when you talk to them. And in return,the guys used to think I have a lot of attitude (so easy to tag anyone this way). But then ,all of my resolutions and beliefs were broken by him. When I started attending classes in the beginning, he approached me on the first day and asked me something about the homework. He had something very pleasant about him. Instantly,things clicked between us. I knew he was charming also because of his natural talents,and to some level,also because he was flirting(you know,thats what guys love to do..all the time.). And for the first time,I couldn't shield myself from the flirting(you know the only armor had gone for repair). But I must say,I didn't find him out and out evil for the first time. He seemed very sweet as well. Finally,after talking for sometime,my other classmates came out of the class. And as usual,I became red with embarrassment (you know thats my problem.I get really embarrassed when people see me talking to a guy). Day by day,we kept talking more and more.And just for the record,I was a very mischievous person. I used to steal his cycle and leave him to chase me on my bicycle whose tyres never had air in it.He had a Hero Top Gear bicycle and I thought he really looked cute riding that. I,with my Hero Devil (pink, by the way) always told him that I wanted to drive his bicycle. Poor thing,he in my pink bicycle used to chase me to get his brand new cycle. Oh,he was the biggest Age of Empires fan.My interest and addiction in the game is all because of him.His dad used to get him loads of foreign chocolates. And he used to bring them to class and give them to me after the class got over. When sometimes he didn't come to class,he used to ask me notes the next day. And god,he had the worst handwriting in the entire universe.They were like little ants creeping over the entire notebook,not knowing which side to go to. I still think of those days when I felt that I found someone so close,some guy,especially,which was virtually impossible considering my resolutions of never talking to guys. Oh ya,we had also accidentally happened to join the basketball summer camp in my school,and I must say,he was one of the best basketball players amongst people of our age group. The fun that we had was just amazingly memorable.When we were in opposite teams,I used to pull his shirt and try and stop him while he ,in his swift motions headed for offense.That was my childhood style of defense.I still think of those days when I felt that I found someone so close,some guy,especially,which was virtually impossible considering my resolutions of never talking to guys. He was the best thing that could have ever happened to my life.I found my best friend and my childhood sweetheart..finally.