Sunday, August 10, 2008


RESOLUTIONS to be made by me!!(deadline not decided yet)

(resolutions are not in order or their priority,bur randomly)

1.Do something outstanding and make a name for myself.
2.Do not do anything that will let mom down. In fact,do something outstanding and make her proud.
3.Save money.
4.Lose weight from 49 Kgs to 48 Kgs (permanently)
5.Get up early in the morning everyday (By 6.00am)
6.Read newspaper daily.
7.Brush twice a day
8.Smile ,the first thing to do when get up.
9.Thank god every morning for this beautiful day.
10.Light an incense stick every morning.
11.Do arangetram .(The final bharatnatyam stage performance of 5 hours.)
12.Do yoga.
13.Blog more.
14.Go for river water rafting.(or canoing at lake view,Bhopal)
15.Help the stray pets.
16.Learn new softwares.
17.Go for basketball regularly in the morning.
18.Do not fall in love.
(Addition will be done as an when required.)