Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I am a weirdo and I love being one!!!

Its weird at times.When people ask me the following questions:

a)Whats up with your hair?
Ans: Nothing is ever UP with my hair.Its curly,and so its messy.And i have no qualms even if a leaf gets stuck in my hair.Let the leaf also get a place to rest for a while.

b)What do you do at your internship besides Gymming and reading the newspaper (read:Proof Reading)?

c)Why am I so Loud?
Ans:Thats because Im such a tiny person,that my voice needs to compensate for it all.

d)Oh my god..such big Heels,how do you walk in them?
Ans: Duh...Cant you see Im just 5 feet 1 inch?...I need to look taller....Lemme bear with the aching feet in warm water later.

e)Wooden Chappals..Arent they a bit weird?
Ans:Read the title of this blog post and you'll realise why.

f)Toe ring......ummm...Are you married???
Ans:Funniest..I have no answer for this.Look at the person with a blank face. And guess what?It was my chemistry college teacher who asked me this.Embarrased and a red face...

g) Lady...You have SOME appetite....??
Ans:Why do you think I go to the gym?

h)Why cant I hear anything from your cell phone?
Ans:Oh thats because it fell into a bucket of water one day,and since then,..the speakers are damaged..Not to mention,when i gave it to be repaired,the only change was that the vendor removed the vibration mechanism..So my cell is always on silent mode.and Im still using it.

i)You are so short..and you play Basketball..WEIRD??
Ans:Yeah ,the tall ones roll me up and use me as one.

j)You have a weird sense of dressing,
Ans:Hey come to my room and check out my golden sandals and multicoloured tshirt.

k)Dont you just LOVE making lists?
Ans:Yeah..Check my previous blogs.I make a list of what lists I need to have.

These are just some of the weird things that prove im a total Whack Job..But yeah..Will update on the rise of the occasion.

Loads of things to write!

Its been long since i posted any blog...maybe close to two months.So i decided to break the ice by writing something..So much has happened in my life since then.Its like ,i got my lucky charm. Im interning at Microsoft,and i truly love my job.Its my kinda job. I love the place as well. I want to write a lot about this place and about my journey from then till now.All the changes,all the getting-adapted-to procedures. But i really miss Bhopal,i miss home,i miss my mom and my sister and my brother and dad and Poll,i miss Roobaroo,i miss my "sons&daughters",i miss Popat,i miss my room.Soo many thingsBut enough for now,as i know the ice is broken..Ill be regular in posting blogs daily.One-Post-Each-Day is going to be my motto now.And you know what,typing these words down actualy motivated me to follow it..atleast for today..:).