Sunday, March 29, 2009

The feeling of feeling focussed.

It finally feels great to feel focussed.I seem to have got back on track,with a lot of enthusiasm. Thanks to someone special,who taught me how to get focussed about life and work. I finally know what I have to do after I pass college,and I know what to do before I finish college. The main thing to do is my Arengetram,havent given it up yet. Im hoping Im able to practise during the 7th of the 8th semester,and placement rat race doesnt deter me from doing so. And earlier I was thinking of doing my Arengetram in Gujarat.But now im thinking,why not do it in Bhopal itself?Will be more fun having all my college mates see my dance performance. 
Btw,the same someone taught me another thing.That one should sleep early,get up early,for complete efficiency. So from today onwards Ill sleep before 11,and get up by 6 everyday.

And ya,also that every hour of sleep before midnight constitutes to two hours of effective sleep.So the earlier you sleep,you can make up with six hours of sleep and feel totally fresh the next day.

So go on people,grab your early night's sleep.

Oh ya,almost forgot...the white puppy outside our hostel,who was named Elizabeth by me,got hurt badly on her leg.She was whining,i sat with her for sometime..then went to Mata MAndir to look for a vet,but couldnt find any because it was a Sunday,and it was already eight o clock. So ill be taking her to the doc tomorrow to get her plastered on her leg. I really wish she gets well soon so that she can begin chewing my jeans once again.