Thursday, June 11, 2009

Swinging to Songs!

I always have different songs for different moods. I always thought I should make a list of songs that suit each of my moods.

a)Romantic : Right Here Waiting (Richard Marx),I Need You (Marc Anthony), Truly Madly Deeply (Savage Garden),You look wonderful Tonight (Eric Clapton), Teri Ore(Singh is King), Pehli Nazar (Race) are a few.

b)Enlightened/ Emotional : I Promise (Stacie Orrico) , Daughters(John Mayer), Krishna (Colonial Cousins) ,Tum Se Hi (Jab We Met),Viva la Vida (Coldplay), Scientist (Coldplay)

c)Sad/Depressed : Take My Heart Back (If Only)

d)Peace: Flames (Vast),Hotel California (Eagles)

Stuck in the moment!

Raindrops all around,the sweet smelling earth at its glorious best,a lush green carpet bed,the feeling that I get when I extended my hand out of the window,and feel the silver bullets striking through it."Magical" is what I think when I see the marvels of nature.But the greatest marvels of nature could be family. Wherever I am,wherever I go,but i cant help get stuck at the moment.

The balcony,with a lot of pots around...sweet smelling Lilies and citrus China grass,..the glassy money plant with crystals of water falling on the grass. This time,when my mom made the best coffee for me and my sister and herself. My brother would have his standard Chai. We opened all the windows of the house,little sprinkles getting inside. Then all of us,me ,my brother,my sister and my mom would go to the balcony and sit,each grabbing a chair for themselves.My brother and me preferred to sit on the floor,leaning against the wall,holding his ceramic Chai cup in his hand. Polly ,who loves sitting where she has loads of company,also came to the balcony and sat with us,listening to our talks. The hot steaming cup of coffee,that opened the pores and senses of my face,and my brother's talks that opened my mind. The merry laughter, my mother's jokes,my brother's humor, my sister's getting irritated because she was made the butt of most jokes, my laughter at the mere hearing of so many jokes.I used to be cuddling Polly most of the time,brushing her hair. She looked into my eyes,and was the purest. It seems like ages since Ive had a moment like that ,just sitting and talking.

Sometimes I think,everything is racing so fast. I got admission in NIT Bhopal.Started living in another hostel,away from home.I used to look forward to going home on vacations.And this time Im spending it in Hyderabad,again,away from home. I want to close my eyes,and feel each moment with my family all over again.Those wintry afternoons, the rainy evenings and summer nights.

I just close my eyes.I feel it all over again.