Monday, September 1, 2008

A mother's dream...

Every mother tells her child to fulfill the dreams that she had for herself ,but couldn't fulfill it. So many passions ,and those unfinished dreams of hers,maybe because she decided to create us and bring us to this life.She chose to give us the greatest gift of life over her dreams.Why?It is because of her that we are in this world,and because of her that we are able to read and write this blog.But in return to this greatest gift,have we thought of letting her dreams get fulfilled?Have we ever thought that our mothers might be looking back and wondering that they missed in life,and what they could do with their talents?Have we ever thought that she wants her creation,us ,to fulfill her dreams ?Its still not late.We still can fulfill her dreams,make her proud of the fact that her dreams got fulfilled,if not by her,atleast by her children,her creation.

I promise you mom that in life you will see all your dreams fulfilled.