Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 6 : Never forget hidden costs

One important advice. When you plan something, DO NOT forget overhead costs.
Also, never ASSUME you'll get something at concession.

Rookie Mistake for the first event I am organizing.

My challenges now are
a) Get at least 15 people for the workshop just for break even.

And no, I'm not thinking of charging more or getting profit, because I just want to see whether this concept works.

So, my plans of conducting this event for two days got pretty much ruined. Finance wise things didn't seem to fit. So I had to push the event to one day for 3 hours straight. I don't know how it will go, and lets hope I break even.

Here is my poster for this event.

Fingers crossed. :):):)

Lets hope I can get a breakeven.


meoww said...

Hi..obviously..we haven't met..n obviously..we have a common friend :p
lol..well..jokes apart..I have read almost all the posts in your blog by now..One word girl.. KUDOS..
For all the brave decisions you seem to have taken in your life..a true blue cancerian you be..a fact that i can completely relate to..:-):-):-):-)n it feels just great to see someone taking so much interest in dance..
The poster seems really cool..!!
Loved the tag line in the end :-):-):-):-)
All the best for your event..
I really hope it goes well:-):-):-):-)

priyakumarNITB said...

@Aditi : thank you so much. Im really glad you have been reading my blog. This workshop is just an experiment to see how things work. Lets hope it works out. My break even needs to happen.. :P:P

meoww said...

looking at the passion and the determination in you to try and excel...m sure it will..!!
Never Say Never :) :) :)

Majid Ali said...

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Chitranshi said...

curlyyy.. i love d poster :D

n i really think i cant dance :'(
can i attend your workshop?? :)