Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Its finally here. The promo video .

My dance workshop got over. And it went really well for my debut. Hardly any profit in the first event, but at least I covered the cost incurred to the conduct the event.
Right from the choreography, the thought behind which dance step to keep which will be easy by a non dancer, and at the same time ensuring every step could be broken down into segments so that it is understandable.

It was my first experience. So I can still see amateur quality in the choreography, the video too.
No regrets at all. Because however be it, I'm going to continue making more videos. And now, my videos will focus on performance rather than events. For the time being at least.

Plus the promo video gave me quite a tough time because it had been long since I had worked on Movie Maker. Nevertheless. I'm proud of it. Here is my first promo video .
Things left to do now are
1)make a visiting card
2)make a website.
But anyway, glad I stayed up and finished this video.

I finally made a start. :)

Do give me suggestions on how to improve the videos and video making style.


Anurag Kumar said...


meoww said...

yessss you should be proud of it priya..!!!the video has come out pretty cool..!!!u conducted the workshop in ur apartment??!! :O :O
wow..!!dat must have been some effort dude..!!
realllyyyyy happpy for you..!!!!
all the bestt..!! & god bless :)
happy dancing..!!! :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Man if anyone can think about doing something unconventional it has to be you. Would've been surprised if it was someone else but from you..it feels totally normal :P
Happy for you..all the best and hey you didnt tell me when you were here in hyderabad, we could've relived our kadi days :P :D :D
Keep rockin'!!