Friday, August 8, 2008

Coming UP!!

Its been days since Ive blogged. And this time Im going to resolve to write daily..Even if it is the smallest of things. I just had some ideas in mind which i had to put down on pen and paper,most of all that were from a feminist's point of view.I hate to be authoritative and extremist in my views about feminism,but if the world works the other way round,why cant I do the same and bring it back to square 1?(Hope you get me ,.negative*negative makes positive). So Ill be coming up with a few blogs about feminism,some reviews of my friend's blogs (even criticisms maybe) and a few health tips for a fitter you(for women ,by the way). So keep blogging ,and do read my posts. Enjoy!!!

PS-I might also come up with a few resolutions to fulfill by the end of the year (or life's resolutions)...(This is psychology that if you announce to the world,it becomes a matter of self esteem to fulfill it.)

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