Sunday, January 11, 2009

An irritating truth!!!

Do you know that all are good at something..and have some talent in you??Its sad..that all of us,including me have almost wasted,or are on the verge of wasting our talents in the next few years.. Do you know why?
PROCRASTINATION...Lack of initiative...Lack of getting yourself off your beds. .Lack of the EUREKA moment in our lives.

The only reason why BPO companies use Indians as cheap robots is because we cannot think wider than the narrow horizons that have been created for us.Right since when i was a child and used to go to school...the society (not my home ,fortunately) used to say.."Acchi tarah padhaaii karna..Badi ho kar ingineeer ,doctor banna....MBA karna..Khoob paisa kamana"

Ok the scrutiny in these sentences..
a)Seems like "Ingineer" and "Doctor" is the ultimate aim of life.Anyone doing anything else is someone who doesn't value studies.
b)It seems like everyone wants to study for money...Something like passion for your job has never been the first priority.

Why is it that we can never use our talents and just choose from the above three professions?I mean there are people who are truly meant to be engineers and doctors or managers?Why not leave it to them to decide?And isnt it an awfully big coincidence that all of us have the aptitude of becoming engineers and then managers?Isnt it ironic that half of us would have practically never "MANAGED" even a small event in our society,college or school?

I agree these it seems easy to get a job after being engineers and doctors and MBA students..
But looking at the present scenario,investment banking having razed to the ground,IT companies getting trapped in frauds and leaving around 50000 employees and their jobs in total jeopardy..

I think its time for all of us to give a hard knock on our brain doors and ask what we are truly meant to be doing?In a way the recession and total collapse of investment banking has given MBA students and engineers some break from the hoo-laa-hoo of getting job over job,and finally can sit back and wonder what they are meant to do?And do it only if they are meant to do..Its time we open our eyes and stop procrastinating and analyse ourselves,before it gets too late ..and we get succumbed in the robotic jobs foreign banks and firms have in store for us..


PS said...

True - it is really irritating.I also want to do other things else than management or enginnering.But thanks to our premade perceptions they are not good for career.I recently came to know this project called as Venus project.I just got some wisdom about our system of living.You would probably like the thoughts there - do listen to the radio talk.
And also to the Zeitgeist(its based on america but its good)-

Nikita Puniani said...

absolutely true.....kya mast likha hai yaar.....u know wot i had been thinkin of publishing a monthy issue a magazine tht i wud edit and conceptualize from my coll...but see i am in 4th yr and i did nothing.....procastination.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

well thought!!...but i guess the thing that's missing here is the 'reason' for such 'procrastination'....
Dont u thnk its the 'survival' in today's competitive world that has become more important than just following ur heart..??
Have u evr thot that hw many ppl, willing to become singers, players, artists (that really have got talents) end up struggling, ruining thr lives, frustrated....n left with no identity...the prblm is-ther's so much talent in this world to accomodate....ppl just can't go their way, just cant succeed by working hard, just cant carry has become a question of luck too...n not evry1 is lucky, i suppose, to turn his dreams to reality...
hence u c, thr r lot of engineers, MBA, doctors..or evrything that is required by the world, n for wat this world is willing to pay for their living...n to waste their talent...!!