Sunday, December 26, 2010

Why I am vulnerable right now...

I decided to reflect upon my life.. Pre Bangalore vs Post Bangalore. And see where I am going. And how has it been for me till date.

Firstly I'm going to list down all the things I feel or the traits which are currently there.
- I get happy very fast too.
- I feel lonely very fast nowadays.
- And the past two feelings suggest I have been getting very vulnerable.

I just talked to Popat and realized that this vulnerability is nothing but parting sadness. And the real problem here is that I miss people after spending good quality time with him, but get really irritated if I feel they don't miss me enough. I think people are different. And we just have to understand that different people are made differently.

Anyway, I need to uplift my mood so that I can work upon my New Year Resolutions as well as the long list of work to be finished.
Feeling Blue.. Maybe because once you get a burst of happiness and back home, you want some more!!!

Time to sleep it off and forget about it.


marilyn said...

you know..I can relate. I get really vulnerable too. I have this one friend. When we get together it is so fun..and bring back the good times when we were younger. It is as though I am not able to just enjoy the moments as they come. You are not alone..I hope you are feeling better.
Sometimes it is helpful to just right it down and sleep it off. Tomorrow is a new day...right? :)

priyakumarNITB said...
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priyakumarNITB said...

Hey Marilyn, venting it out itself was the first step to feeling better. The next step was to get a hold of my life. Sometimes everything just seems so out of control, but again... once its all set.. one is all happy and fine again. Vulnerability towards some close ones will always exist. They'll be my 'Achilles Heel'. :)