Monday, June 1, 2009

Arundhati Roy:God of Small Things

I always liked to read books written by Indian authors,because I could relate to them so much better.And Arundhati Roy proved all my thoughts to the greatest extents.Ive read only half the book right now,but its soo addicting.

There is something about the way she looks for optimism in all negative aspects.
And thats soo true.A lot of times we feel our lives are in dump,but you know what?There will be soo many others whose lives would be in greater pains.So we musnt complain.
A must read for all. lovers: you must lsiten to "Toss The Feathers" by The Corrs.

And yeah,im coordinating a music show on a small level in our office. I dont knwo the ABC of music.But its fun seeing such talented people come together to perform something.LEts see how the preparation goes.

Hmm..Btw Pavitra..this is for you if you are reading this.

I miss you big time.



Anonymous said...

After reading the first few pages of the “The God of Small Things”, I threw the book in the darkest corner of my cupboard and vowed never to return to this book, guess it deserves a second chance. Will be the first thing when i return back to campus. About “Toss the Feathers”; man that song has got the rhythm, beats and tunes that tune every single cell of the body, an incredible song from an even incredible band of siblings.
P.S: Best of luck with your performance thingi...

abhishek singh said...

i myself have no idea since when i have been addicted to the song. see their stage performance as well.equally refreshing, energetic yet relaxing!
btw..booker for her was so well deserved !

priyakumar7.7 said...

@anurag: me..just pick up the book and give it a read.Youll thank me later.:):)

@abhishek: im already energized reading the first few pages.And yeah..the song is just too lovely.