Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I Wish I Had A Magic Wand

I love talking to people. Listening to them when they are unhappy about something. When I need to rate myself out of happiness, I am pretty happy I would say. Of course I have days where I get frustrated and think I need to be at a place where I have still not reached. I set a lot of targets which are very, very high. And when I don't achieve it I do brood over it on a temporary basis.

But what makes me really happy despite those moments where I question myself is listening to others' problems.

I always wish I could listen to others and make them feel better when they don't feel too great about themselves. 

I wish there was a job titled "Happiness Consultant" where I could have a room and talk to anyone who didn't feel happy and make them happy.

Even now, I often think from time to time, if different companies had a Happiness Consultant, someone any employee could go talk to, how cool would that be. Because not every time someone is looking only for a solution, sometimes they are also looking to feel good about themselves.

I know this might sound weird, but if any of you feel low ever in life, and need someone to talk to, and vent out things you are not able to comprehend in your own head, you can write to me at priya.kumar.0707@gmail.com. I will try my best to make you happy. 

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Jessica Villarreal said...

"Happiness Consultant" That's it!!!
I just stubled upon your blog while editing my own and read what i had been searching all day for. This is me! its so refreshing that someone else feels the same way. It can sound silly and childish to others when you try to explain that your deepest desire is to make others happy. "No one really wants that..." is the response i have gotten before.
But I do! I genuinely do want true happiness for others.

I hope you find your magic wand!