Monday, March 31, 2014

Getting out of the "Almost"

Either you have it or you don't. And there is a definite chance you have it. But you are not willing to have the confidence to know that you have it. The human mind is such a powerful machine. It can change things. It can change one's outlook towards life. The tough part is to know you have it in you. 

Really KNOW it.

I am almost a good dancer, almost fit, almost a creative person, almost a good director for my company. 

But haven't got out of the almost yet. Well it is probably the right time you get out of the almost. 

No time is too late to get out of this almost zone. The problem with being an almost is that you will "almost" put your best effort in doing anything. And an effort which is almost there will not reap the benefits that you need to get out of the almost zone.

Being in the almost is like not being sure about whether you like a girl
Either you like her or you don't like her. You can never "almost" like her. You just can't. Even you are thinking about someone, it is because you like her. Even if you try you can never "almost" like someone.

I am 26, I spent the last 25 years trying to discover the things I wanted, and I'm still trying to make a mark in the world. I had a major career switch in 2011, and for an ordinary person that might be a little too late, considering I was 23, had graduated with a degree that will have nothing to do with my new career. I just couldn't have "almost" switched my career. I had to choose one side. There was just no other option.

There are so many times when I sit in my balcony with a nice cup of chai and sincerely dream of all the things I want to do in life. Honestly I haven't even analyzed whether I am good enough to be able to get all those things.
But honestly, I don't care if I'm not good enough. I still want all those things.

The path to getting out of the almost is one of the most difficult. And weirdly, it is not even the amount of hard work required to get there. It is convincing your mind to believing that you can be where you want to be. I find that extremely difficult.

Start with small things.
I had been planning to apply for the Charles Wallace Scholarship for art in the UK. I had thought about it in 2012 as well as 2013. But every time I would think of creating my profile, I would always think "Let me get a little thinner", "A little fitter", "Let my hair grow just a couple of inches longer". Lamest reasons now that I'm writing it out, but this is what happened. 

Truth of it is, I didn't believe that I would get it, and the fear of being rejected did not give me motivation enough to create my profile and send it. 

Another example :
I have been thinking of working in print advertisement for quite sometime as a side thing. Nothing major, but it seems to be giving me one thrill of traveling for a day, acting for something minor (considering I sincerely question my acting capabilities for longer roles). My problem is that I haven't got myself to get up and go approach an advertising agency or create a bio for it yet. When I look at myself, I am always thinking, let me get a little thinner, a little fitter, let that particular acne mark subside.

As humans the biggest thing that we fear is the Fear of Rejection
We hate to be dumped, we hate to be fired from a company, even if the company did not make us happy.

Its funny though that I have got the best things in life only after I have been rejected. I think rejection is the most powerful mechanism. It gives you a kind of drive no other emotion will give.

The feeling that because you have already hit rock bottom, and know what rock bottom feels like, now it is time to get up.

Another thing we humans worry so much about is the Fear Of Unknown
There is a simple solution for it. How will you ever know what something feels like till you don't actually experience it? There is the risk of it failing, but the hope that it will be a big success. And imagine just how awesome you will feel once it is done. 

Lastly we are all paranoid about What Others Think of Us.
This is something everyone should stop, because what people think of us has never got us what we wanted in our lives. So their opinions should mean nothing whatsoever.

Trust me, the time is passing by. The clock is not stopping for anyone. And everyone has the same time. Its how much we make a difference in that time that makes all the difference. 
So get up now, forget about everything else.

Remember all you need to do is get out of the 'almost'. Everything else will follow.



abhishek verma said...

Nice.... nd beautifully explained... overall writing strikes readers mind... nd thank u also... nw I realize I never did nythin wrong abt my career which is different from my specalization.....

jaskiran jazz said...

it's awesome very well written n motivating..!!

Freebird said...


Freebird said...

Love love loved this: // But honestly, I don't care if I'm not good enough. I still want all those things. //

Himanshu said...

Well written P